Class A (CHERUB 2)

I’m back with another book review. I’ve been re-reading the CHERUB series and can’t wait to grab the next couple of books to bring back with me while I’m home! 🙂

I think with the CHERUB series it’s one that makes most sense if you read the series in order and not just pick up one of the books, which is sad. I mean they do make sense as stand alone books but I think they are best read in order 🙂

So “Class A” (or as it used to be called “The Dealer”) is unsurprisingly about some of the biggest drug dealers that the police and MI5 are trying to shut down. So that’s where the CHERUBS come along. To befriend the children of the man in charge of the drugs operation and attempt to gain evidence that will help MI5 and the police shut the drug dealing down for good.

In this story we join James Adams on his second mission, along with some of his friends. We also get to meet another character, Zara who becomes a huge part of the series later on! (why it pays to read them in order). 🙂

From this story I mean who wouldn’t love these kids as your friends? They know what they’re doing and can stick up for you. These books are fantastic young adult reads mostly aimed at boys, but I know plenty of girls who enjoy reading them too. They’re written in such a realistic way that actually you could imagine this all happening somewhere out there. Plus the ending to this book is great! And definitely that action packed ending that you’d hope after the whole mission! 🙂

Have you read any of the CHERUB series? Have I persuaded you to do so? 🙂

The Recruit (CHERUB 1)

I’m back with ANOTHER book review. Can you believe it?! 3 book reviews in a row! I told you I was doing lots of reading at the moment! 😀

This is another re-read of one of my favourite books. I first came across “The Recruit” when I was in year 9, when we read some of it in an English lesson. I don’t remember what we were studying about it, but I loved it! I then remember going to the library with my dad that week to go and borrow it. I read it so quickly and then started reading the rest of the series. I absolutely love it! 😀

I’m giving you the blurb for this book because I don’t want to ruin it too much!

The first title in the number one bestselling CHERUB series! James hits rock bottom before he’s offered a new start in an intriguing organisation …

A terrorist doesn’t let strangers in her flat because they might be undercover police or intelligence agents, but her children bring their mates home and they run all over the place. The terrorist doesn’t know that one of these kids has bugged every room in her house, made copies of all her computer files and stolen her address book. The kid works for CHERUB.

CHERUB agents are aged between ten and seventeen. They live in the real world, slipping under adult radar and getting information that sends criminals and terrorists to jail.

For official purposes, these children do not exist.

This is a young adult book, but it is great! It’s such a little action and adventure book. I don’t think I’d usually pick up a book like this, but this series is an exception. The characters are so great and relatable (mostly) as well as having a really good plot line. The only thing I noticed this time round is that the mission at the end isn’t actually that long. But as we go through the series we do get some much longer missions, so I think this book is more of an introduction of what is to come.

I really love this book, and it is full of action and adventure! I really recommend it to anyone! 🙂 Don’t let the fact that it is for young adults put you off! 😀

P.S. If you’ve read any of my other reviews of the CHERUB books or Henderson’s Boys stories this is the first one that was written that is linked to all of them! 🙂

CHERUB: New Guard

I was first introduced to the CHERUB series when I was in year 8 at school and over the years I have read all of the books, including the Henderson’s Boys series. When the “original” CHERUB series ended with “Shadow Wave” I was quite disappointed, but then Robert Muchamore followed it up with the second CHERUB series. My disappointment soon disappeared when characters from the “original” CHERUB series started appearing in the new series and some great stories were emerging.

Leon and Daniel are twins and great CHERUB agents. A careless mistake sees the twins nearly kicked out from CHERUB until mission controller James Adams comes to the rescue. James has the twins (and their elder brother) lined up for a mission that will help gain information on the IS and their activities in Syria.

After a breakthrough on the Sharma boy’s mission James Adams is given a special “off the books” mission of his own. Ryan and James must assemble a team of legendary CHERUB agents from the past and present to find some hostages in Syria and bring them safely home. Who will James pick to make up his team, and will they make it home alive?

Firstly I’ll begin by saying I can’t believe this is the last EVER CHERUB book! This makes me really sad because I’ve absolutely loved reading all of the CHERUB books :(.

New Guard is a great book that sees the characters of the second CHERUB series join up with some of the main characters from the original series, and Robert Muchamore does a great job of showing the difference. If you’ve ever wondered what happens to CHERUB recruits after they leave CHERUB then this book will give you a good insight!

I love all of the characters of both series and this book was great showing how one mission can lead in to another and how everything fits together. All the characters were great and the book showed great interactions between old and new characters.

I really love how Robert Muchamore brought James back in to the new CHERUB series as it was sad seeing him leave at the end of the original series. It is also great how we see that several old agents have “legacies” which many of the newer recruits know about.

My only issue with the book is that it felt quite short (it’s only 294 pages long) in comparison to some of the other CHERUB stories. It seemed like it should have been longer partly because the final mission only seemed to last a couple of chapters, but also because it was the last ever CHERUB book and I felt there should/could have been more to it than there was. But I suppose I can’t complain too much because it was great to see everyone back for one last time.

All in all New Guard is a great book which I would recommend to anyone and it is a fitting end to the brilliant 12 year span of the CHERUB series.

Henderson’s Boys – Scorched Earth

Like many others, I will miss this series, and am slightly disappointed that it ended in the way that it did. Please note, this review contains spoilers!

In Scorched Earth we follow Henderson and his agents as they attempt to stop a Nazi battalion reaching the beaches of France so the allies can land in France safely. At the beginning of the book Henderson and his agents are all hiding out in the woods near Beauvois with many resistance fighters. Rosie however is working under the cover of a nun at the orphanage where Marc grew up, while Marc is living on the farm with his girlfriend Jae. However within the first few chapters of the book we see Rosie killed, which leads to a revenge attack on Rosie’s killer later in the book by PT, Marc and Paul.

Upon receiving orders from the UK to stop the 108th Battalion, Henderson splits his agents (and the resistance group) into 2, Team A – Henderson’s group (including Paul, and Joel), and Team B – PT’s group (including Edith, Luc and Marc). However before even leaving the woods where they have been sheltering, both teams come under heavy fire and Team A loses 4 members before they even begin their mission. Team A’s mission is to get ahead of the 108th battalion to destroy a tank refuelling station, while Team B (who escapes the woods without loss) has the job of trailing the 108th convoy to take out support vehicles and “stragglers”.

Henderson’s team reaches the fuel stop attempting to destroy it, however in the process Henderson’s team gets ripped apart, Joel and Paul are taken hostage while Henderson manages to escape. Team B however manages to steal a German truck, along with a detailed map of the route the tanks are taking, which gives them the advantage of being able to get ahead of the tanks and destroy bridges along the tank’s route. Marc and Luc successfully take out a bridge which stops the 108th from advancing. But in the process their German truck is spotted by allies and they are attacked.

Eventually both teams make it to Paris where they take shelter in an apartment. When it becomes clear that Paris is under siege the French resistance begin attacking the Germans. When the resistance groups begin to give up hope that the allies are arriving Henderson and his team decide to ride back out to Beauvois, yet on the way they come across the allies, who retake Paris, and the beginning of the end of WW2 begins.

This is where we leave the book. Seeing Marc marrying Jae, Paul and Edith getting together, PT getting charged for the crimes he committed at the start of the series, Henderson getting killed by his wife…

It was nice that in the Epilogue of the book we get to see what happens to the characters after CHERUB ended after the end of WW2, and then how it began again forming the CHERUB we know from Robert Muchamore’s other series. As much as Luc irritated me through all the books I was somewhat saddened to see his “post-CHERUB” story.

All in all this was a good book, it was full of action, and the story kept moving at a quick pace, however I don’t think it lives up to Muchamore’s other books that he has written, nor does the ending really do the Henderson’s Boys series justice. OK yes the war ended and therefore the child agents were no longer needed, but what happened directly after the end of the book? It is a gap that I would have liked to have seen filled in a better way apart from just the main characters general life stories in the epilogue of the book.

I thoroughly enjoyed the Henderson’s Boys series, and it is a must read for anyone who loves the CHERUB books, but also is a good read for anyone who enjoys history!

Henderson’s Boys – One Shot Kill

Unfortunately this won’t be a very good review as I read “One Shot Kill” and “Scorched Earth” in such quick succession that I’m struggling to remember what came in which book XD

I have to admit that I wasn’t as taken by “One Shot Kill” as I was by all the other Henderson’s Boys books that led up to it, but it was still a good book. However we only seem to focus on a few of the “agents” rather than all of them.

There are some gruesome and disturbing scenes within the book, so it is definitely not for younger readers, but it does give some good insight into what things were like during WW2, and so can be called somewhat factual.

Although it has some disturbing scenes, there are plenty of funny moments in the book too!

A good read, but like I said before, I wouldn’t say that this book was as good as the others in the Henderson’s Boys series.

Henderson’s Boys – The Prisoner

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The Prisoner is an absolutely amazing book! It follows Marc as he fights to leave the German labour camp that he is sent to at the end of Grey Wolves. This review contains spoilers!

I love Marc’s character and was so glad to have a story totally dedicated to him. At the beginning we see Marc having made some friends in his first labour camp he is sent to. Living on a prisoner ship with 5 other boys who all have a good relationship, and look out for each other in the living arrangements. However Marc’s ability to speak German lands him a “cushy” job in the German gestapo offices, where he is treated favourably by his boss. This leads to jealousy amongst many of the other boys who live on the prison ship.

Marc helps 3 of his friends escape, by forging release papers. He tries to escape with them but gets sent back to the prison ship and fails to escape. However on returning he finds some bullies have moved into his old dormitory with them, and Marc finds himself being badly beaten up.

After a month away in hospitals Marc returns to another prison ship, where he is placed under the care of a different Gestapo officer who holds a grudge against him, forcing him to work with a labour group who clear out the sewers. Marc soon becomes ill. But eventually he escapes. After a long, nerving time on the run from the Gestapo, Marc safely arrives back in France, being returned to his orphanage which he ran away from 2 years previously.

Marc then returns to work on the farm which he worked on prior to running away, and falls (back) in love with the farmer’s daughter – Jae. After a failed ally invasion of France Marc finds himself helping out two soldiers who have managed to survive the invasion, leading him to return to Paris where he makes contact with a Parisian resistance group. Initially he is caught, but is helped out by Maxine who Henderson had relations with while they were hiding out in France, prior to Marc, Rosie, PT, Paul and Henderson returning to England.

With Maxine’s help Marc manages to return back to England. He’s upset from leaving his friends back at the orphanage in France, in particular Jae, but he is happy to be returned back to Henderson and his other friends on the CHERUB campus.

This was such a gripping read, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who has read any of the other Henderson’s Boys book as well as the CHERUB books!

Henderson’s Boys – Grey Wolves

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Now I’m into my summer holidays and totally finished with university I’m back to the books. Nothing beats sitting around reading for most of the day!

I’ve loved the CHERUB books since I was first introduced to them in a year 8 English lesson, however I was slow to get into the Henderson’s Boys series, despite having bought the first three books a while ago. After some encouragement from one of my housemates (who also loves the CHERUB books) I finally got in to reading Henderson’s Boys, and I’m so so so glad that I did!

I read the first three books over a few months and after finishing the third one, and seeing the final four second hand on eBay on offer at 4 for the price of 3, I couldn’t resist.

Grey Wolves is a great book. It’s fairly educational, in that it covers events of WW2, and shows what life in occupied France in the 1940s may have been like. It had my gripped and I read it over 2 days and could hardly put it down. It is full of action and every chapter has you gripped and want to read on. There are some somewhat violent bits in the book, but it’s still a great read and would thoroughly recommend it to anyone!