7 Books I Love (Day 3)

So last week on Twitter, AnHistorianAboutTown nominated me to post 7 photos of 7 books I love with no explanations or reviews. So rather than directly posting to Twitter, I thought where better to post in that on my blog πŸ™‚

Also I’m supposed to nominate someone every day, but rather than directly nominating I’m nominating anyone who fancies the challenge! πŸ™‚

Day 3…

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The Sleepwalker (CHERUB 9)

So following on from my latest read of Mad Dogs I decided to read “The Sleepwalker” straight away. With books like this that are part of a big series I like reading them while the other story is fresh in my mind πŸ™‚ Plus, as I’ve said before they’re really quick, easy reads so reading these helps with my new challenge of reading 52 books this year πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€

An airliner explodes over the Atlantic leaving 345 people dead. Crash investigators suspect terrorism, but they’re getting nowhere.

A distressed twelve-year-old calls a police hotline and blames his father for the explosion. It could be a breakthrough, but there’s no hard evidence and the boy has a history of violence and emotional problems.

Only CHERUB agents can unearth the truth. They’re trained professionals with one essential advantage: adults never suspect that children are spying on them.

For official purposes, these children do not exist

I’ll start of by saying, “The Sleepwalker” definitely isn’t one of the most exciting books in this series, but it was still an enjoyable read with plenty of action!

This book mostly centres around James’ sister Lauren and her role in befriending someone who MI5 believe to know something about the plane crash. We don’t really see very much of James or the other main characters in the book- well we do, but they aren’t part of the mission!

I think this book is a good book to see the upcoming CHERUB agents and see new faces appear, so it is good if you’re getting fed up of James and the other main characters! Plus it brings back beloved Ex-Chairman Mac, who has sadly lost 4 members of his family in the plane crash, and sees him take a key role in heading up a mission.

The Sleepwalker was a really enjoyable read and definitely a must read if you’ve read/are reading the CHERUB series!

Mad Dogs (CHERUB 8)

In an attempt to make it to 52 books read again this year I decided to continue my CHERUB book re-reading. The CHERUB books are great reads that are pretty quick to get through, because they’re easy reads, but also because the stories are so gripping!

In Mad Dogs we join James (and Bruce) on their latest mission. Using James’ previous work as an agent in the book Class A, it is his mission to help infiltrate the gang Mad Dogs who specialise in drug dealings. The only thing is, there are two other gangs in the area who also deal drugs. When things get weird, James must uncover a huge plot that is going down, the only trouble is he is caught between gangs who are turning violent.

Mad Dogs definitely isn’t my favourite of the CHERUB books, but is by no means a bad read! It also definitely makes more sense if you read it after Class A. If you ever wonder if Cherubs take up roles as the same person again, then your answer is in this book… Yes they do, and sometimes it plays a huge advantage. In Mad Dogs we also see what happens when a mission goes wrong. Although most of the books do show how dangerous the missions are (like The Fall), this book shows the real possibility of someone dying during a mission… So things do go badly wrong sometimes!

My only real gripe with this book is that although we see James reunited with Junior again, we actually see very little of Junior. It seemed they only really bought Junior back in to get James back in to the “gang” – it makes sense if you read it!

But again, as with all the other CHERUB books this was a great read, and I really love these young adult/action/spy books.


The Fall (CHERUB 7)

I managed to get through this book in less than 24h, I really really love this book. This is possibly my favourite of the CHERUB books and I know I’ve re-read it several times now! πŸ™‚ The CHERUB books are really enjoyable and so easy to read.

In this latest CHERUB adventure we see what happens when things go wrong. In all the CHERUB books so far we’ve seen missions that often go wrong, but in “The Fall” things go majorly wrong for James Adams as he is sent on his first solo mission away in Russia. After the two MI5 agents that James is working with go rogue James’ life is put in danger. Although James is successfully rescued after a couple of days on the run things get worse for him when he returns to CHERUB campus to find he is suspended from missions pending an investigation over his conduct in this mission that went wrong. With rumours spreading and CHERUB staff keeping things from James he struggles to keep his head up… Until he uncovers something which may put his mission controller in grave danger.

I love “The Fall” it is definitely my favourite CHERUB book and is full of drama and suspense. It has a great plot to it and you can’t help but feel sorry for all the characters at some point in this story, especially James when no one believes his story and his life as a CHERUB agent hangs in the balance.

I can’t wait to move on to Mad Dogs (CHERUB 8) soon πŸ™‚

Man Vs Beast (CHERUB 6)

Now that I’m back home and have all my books here, I decided it was time to carry on my CHERUB re-read. So next up in the series was Man Vs Beast.

I remember when I got this book. I hated the cover and thought it was really creepy! But that said, I love the CHERUB series and this book was no exception. I think this is the first time that I’ve re-read this book though because it isn’t one of my favourites in the series!

In their latest mission James & Lauren Adams are faced with the realities of animal testing and the lengths that animal rights campaigners go to to stop animal testing. Caught up in a publicity stunt to highlight animal rights, James, Lauren and Kyle must think fast to get out alive.

Man Vs Beast is quite a dark book in the CHERUB series, especially towards the end. It will probably make you think about what you’re eating and the lengths that some people go to to defend their beliefs. As I said, it is definitely one of the darker CHERUB books and although I know it is just a story the ending is pretty disturbing!

But again, all in all this was a good book and quite a quick read and I definitely recommend the CHERUB books for teenagers (especially teenage boys).

Divine Madness (CHERUB 5)

Divine Madness is the 5th book in the CHERUB series and it is definitely better than the 4th book! It’s weird, I only remembered a couple of small things about this book so I was excited to go back and read it again.

In this book we join James, Lauren and new character Dana on their latest mission to infiltrate a cult in Australia.

“When CHERUB uncovers a link between eco-terrorist group Help Earth and a wealthy religious cult known as The Survivors, James Adams is sent to Australia on an infiltration mission.

It’s his toughest job so far. The Survivors’ outback headquarters are completely isolated, and the cult’s brainwashing techniques mean James is under massive pressure to conform.

This time he’s not just fighting terrorists. He’s got to battle to keep control of his own mind.”

Divine Madness was a great book and I wanted to keep reading it. In fact, I read it in 2 days. These books are the perfect books for young adults and teenagers who are trying to get in to reading. The missions are a nice length and keep you guessing and wanting to keep reading.

The characters are also totally relatable to which I think is great as obviously you don’t want a totally unrealistic book! This book sees the return of Amy Collins at the end, as well as the recruitment of Rat.

I’m sorry it’s so short, I don’t want to give any spoilers! I honestly do recommend these CHERUB books though and I love them!

The Killing (CHERUB 4)

I’m loving re-reading the CHERUB series, and next up we have “The Killing”. I don’t think I’ve ever re-read this one so it was good to read it again as I couldn’t really remember the story.

In this we join James and Dave on their latest mission. What is supposed to be a basic mission turns out more interesting and complicated than first thought.

Leon is a small-time crook who’s ridden his luck for three decades. When he starts splashing big money around, the cops are desperate to know where it came from.

They call in CHERUB, a secret organisation with one essential advantage: even experienced criminals never suspect that children are spying on them.

James’ latest mission looks routine, but the plot he begins to unravel isn’t what anyone expected. And the only person who might know the truth is a reclusive eighteen-year-old boy.

There’s just one problem. The boy fell to his death thirteen months earlier.

I think this is one of the weaker CHERUB books. It is still a good story that keeps you reading and keeps you guessing throughout, but it definitely isn’t one of the better ones. I would honestly really recommend the CHERUB books, especially for teenagers as they’re a reasonable length without being too long. They also all have really good stories and once you’ve finished one you want to go on to the next book.