Blogmas Day 25: What I got for Christmas

HAPPY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! I’m so sorry I missed yesterday, it was a bit busy spending time with family and getting things ready for today. I hope everyone has had a great day (or is having if you’re behind me in time zones).

Photo 25-12-2017, 10 17 41

Today I thought I’d share a quick post about what I got for Christmas today 🙂 This isn’t everything, just what I managed to photograph.

Photo 25-12-2017, 10 17 34

Paddington PJs and Paddington – Both from mum and dad, these are really cute and I’ll probably be wearing the pyjamas tonight.

Cath Kidston x Mickey and Friends – 2 mugs, trinket box, foldaway backpack, pen and cushion (not pictured)

Socks – No Christmas is complete without a pair of socks. Actually I got more socks too that I haven’t taken a photo of this year. But I love these socks, especially the gingerbread men ones!

Cabin Zero Backpack – I’ve seen a few Bloggers talk about these Cabin Zero bags and I thought they looked great! With an upcoming holiday I wanted a slightly bigger backpack that I could take if needs be.

Photo 25-12-2017, 10 17 29

Malteasers selection box – This was from the family of the little boy I worked with in school a couple of years ago. I’ve stayed in touch with them and I love spending time with all the family and they got me this 🙂

Nerdy Nummies Cookbook – This was again from the family of the boy I worked with in school. I told them I loved baking and they bought me this. I’m so excited by it having seen fellow bloggers Anni and Angela with it! I can’t wait to try something from it.

Penguins Calendar – A calendar has kind of become a bit of a traditional Christmas present from my mum. I’m obsessed with penguins and other marine animals and I love this.

Blue Planet 2 Book & Blu Ray – My brother knows me too well 😉 I’m really looking forward to reading the book.

Hummingbird Bakery recipe book – again from my brother and I’m looking forward to reading through it.

TomTom Sat Nav – I got a Sat Nav 😀 It is great, so much better than my mum’s 😉 I’m looking forward to using it properly soon 🙂

Finally the last thing I’m sharing with you is my santa sleigh. I was dying to include these as part of Blogmas as a how to make them, but as soon as my dad started reading my blog I couldn’t break my cover 😉 So here they are now! My grandad (and I helped this year) makes up little gift bag of silly little gifts from Santa/the Christmas Tree. I found this idea on Pinterest and couldn’t resist giving it a try! 🙂

Photo 01-12-2017, 13 55 50Photo 01-12-2017, 13 56 07Photo 01-12-2017, 15 05 59

What did you get for Christmas this year? Did you all have a good day? 




What I got for my Birthday

So last week I turned 24 :O Last week wasn’t a great week for me… I’m not sure why but it was probably mostly due to the long wait for hearing back from an interview I’d had (for a job I really wanted)… which I then didn’t get 😦 I was also dreading getting my uni results on Friday (my birthday) because I had set myself up with the expectation of getting a distinction in my masters.

Anyway, Friday was my birthday and it turned out to be a pretty good day as I managed to pass my masters with distinction (the highest mark you can get at masters level) so I was already in a bubble that no one could burst at 9 am!

Friday was spent out shopping with my mum followed by presents and pizza takeaway in the evening 🙂

So what did I get for my birthday?

Photo 20-11-2017, 15 43 09

Fat Face Boots – I wanted these boots to go with my dress that I’d picked out for my graduation but I couldn’t afford them at the time when I’d seen them on the Fat Face website so I didn’t get them. Anyway, while I was in the Lake District last week for my interview we found a Fat Face in Ambleside and I found these boots that I liked. I didn’t get them assuming I could get them online, anyway, I checked online that evening and they’d sold out :O So we went back to Ambleside to get them the next day and my grandad bought them for my for my birthday present (as they were £75!).

Abercrombie and Fitch Jeans – I desperately needed some new jeans. All my jeans were getting really old and worn. Anyway, me and mum went to Ashford Designer Outlet on Friday and I found a couple of pairs of jeans for £30 each (£62 usually) and mum bought them for me for my birthday.

Photo 20-11-2017, 15 43 13

Moana DVD – From my brother, cause you’re never too old for Disney!

Joseph Joseph Rolling Pin – I’ve wanted one of these adjustable rolling pins for soooooo long and I decided to ask my brother for one for my birthday and he got me one 🙂 I can’t wait to use it 🙂

Malteasers white hot chocolate – I love hot chocolate and this was from my aunt/cousins 🙂

Piping nozzle cleaning brushes – from my mum, because piping nozzles can be annoying to clean!

Photo 20-11-2017, 15 43 15Some Kind of Wonderful by Giovanna Fletcher – This book was from one of my friends and I can’t wait to read it 🙂

Cath Kidston Polar Bear Print stuff (inc. pyjamas, towels/flannel, bed socks, jumper and mug). I love this polar bear print that Cath Kidston currently have and I couldn’t resist a lot of it! I mean it’s too cute… especially when you’re a marine biologist! The mug was from my aunt while the other bits were from mum and dad 🙂

So now I’m another year older and now I can start to think about Christmas! 🙂 I hope you enjoyed this post and I’ll see you again soon 🙂

Shopping Trip

Yesterday I went to Cardiff to visit the Doctor Who experience and I couldn’t resist having a quick trip in to Cardiff to do some shopping. I may have said it before, but Swansea is pretty rubbish for shopping so it was great to have so many shops to visit and browse in Cardiff!

So this is what I bought! 🙂 Photo 13-05-2017, 07 59 18

Black Shirt (Primark £5.50) – The summer concert for the university Wind Band is tonight and I only have a long sleeve black shirt. As it has been really hot here and the buildings at uni are really warm I decided to get a short sleeve shirt so I don’t get too hot tonight!

Lobster and Friends Cup (Cath Kidston £12) – I’d been eying this up and as Cath Kidston had it I couldn’t resist 🙂

3 Pairs Shoe Liners (Primark, £2.50 per pack) – As summer is coming I’ll soon be getting my shorts out and I wont want “proper” socks. Most of my shoe liner socks have worn through so I decided it was time to get some new ones.

Slippers (Marks and Spencer, £2.49) – I wanted some summer slippers for wearing in the kitchen at uni as my bootie slippers are getting a bit too warm now. We drove back past the Outlet shopping centre in Bridgend and I decided to have a quick look in Marks and Spencer. They had this one pair of slippers in my size left in the clearance for £2.49. I probably wouldn’t have chosen them normally, but they’ll do the job and for so cheap I can’t complain!

So that’s all I bought this time! 🙂 See you again soon!


Shopping Haul

Last weekend I went shopping! On the way home from university in Bridgend there is an outlet shopping centre, where you can pick up discounted items from some of the top high street shops, including Next, Marks and Spencer, Body Shop, Mountain Warehouse, Yankee Candle and Fat Face to name a few!

In today’s post I thought I’d share with you what I bought (or should I say what my mum bought me 😀 ).

Photo 09-04-2017, 20 01 49

Nemo and Dory! OK, so I know I’m 23, but I just couldn’t resist these… Well my mum couldn’t. My excuse is I’m a marine biologist OK! My dad didn’t quite understand why a 23 year old was buying two bears from Build a Bear Workshop, but I couldn’t not get them! Plus they were £12 each, so quite a big discount off the normal high street selling price!

Yankee Candle Black Cherry Large Jar (£12) – As you can see from the photo there is some wax leakage, hence why it was so cheap. But I loved it and for £12 it was a real bargain and I love how it smells!

Yankee Candle Rhubarb Crumble Small Jar (£6.29) – I saw this scent come out last year and I really wanted to try it because I love rhubarb. I only wanted to get a little votive but they didn’t have any so mum bought me the small jar.

Mountain Warehouse 1L Water Bottle (£1.99) – You can never have too many water bottles, and I couldn’t not get this one. It has a really cute pattern and for £1.99 it was a good deal!

Mountain Warehouse Walking Socks – As you read this I’ll be in North Wales on a little holiday with my family and I’m hoping to climb Snowdon with my dad (weather permitting) therefore I wanted another pair of walking socks, plus I have 3 days of field trips when I go back to uni where I’ll need to wear my walking boots.

Photo 09-04-2017, 20 03 41

Lastly I had a little shop in Fat Face. I have very few summer clothes, so I needed to stock up! And I got some great bargains in Fat Face!

Stripy T-Shirt £9.60

Beige Chino Shorts £9.60

Navy Chino Shorts £8

Denim Shorts £16

Pyjama Bottoms £20 – Yes OK they’re Christmas ones, but they were too cute not to get! 😀

I hope you enjoyed this post and I’ll see you again soon 🙂

Primark Haul

I’m not sure whether I can count this as a haul as it’s only 4 items… but still, I thought I’d show you what I bought 🙂

Since becoming a student Primark is one of my go-to places. I don’t shop there for everything, but I do get pyjamas there as well as T-Shirts! I won’t lie, Swansea’s Primark isn’t the best… nor is the one I have closest to me at home! I really miss Newcastle’s Primark – the biggest best Primark that sells pretty much everything!

A few weeks ago Primark released some Winnie the Pooh items. And I was eyeing up this pyjama top as well as a mug, but sadly Swansea either wasn’t stocking it or they’d sold out! 😦


So getting on to what I bought:

Winnie the Pooh Night Dress (£5) – I haven’t worn a nightdress in years, but it was just too cute to skip on, so I thought I’d get it 🙂

Winnie the Pooh Socks (£3) – I couldn’t resist these when I saw them… I even picked a set up for my mum as I know she’ll love them. I don’t know how long they’ll last (I tend to buy socks from M&S), but for £3 you can’t go too wrong! 😀

Winnie the Pooh Thermal Cup (£3.50) – Again, this was too cute not to get (and again I grabbed one for my mum as I know she’ll love it). I was quite skeptical at how good it would be, as it feels really light and a bit flimsy! But I decided to get it anyway! And I can say having tried it now I’m quite impressed. An hour later my tea is the perfect temperature to drink. OK, so it isn’t brilliant, but it is good enough for someone like me who makes a cup of tea and forgets to drink it before it’s cold! My only complaint is that it gets quite warm on the outside, but otherwise it was a good purchase.

Bambi Fleece Throw (£6) – I saw this and fell in love with it. It is so cute and soft and fluffy I thought why not 😀

I hope you enjoyed this post and I’ll see you again soon 🙂

Superdrug Haul

Writing this I’m thinking, how many things do I need to buy for it to be considered a haul? But I thought I’d show you my latest Superdrug purchases.

I’ve become more of a Superdrug convert recently, partly because I get student discount (if I shop in store), but also because I’m a beauty club member I can get free delivery (on no minimum spend) so its great. Plus they often have pretty good deals on things.

So what did I buy?


Halo Eye Make-up Remover Pads – I’ve worn make up (well mascara) a few times in the past few weeks and I had no make up remover, so my eyelashes were really gross until I finally managed to wipe it all off. I’d heard good things about these, plus they were in Superdrug’s 3 for £3 on travel minis, so thought I’d give them a try.

Listerine Total Care Mini – I like to have a couple of these stocked up for trips away and as I was buying the above make-up pads in the 3 for £3 I decided to get this at the same time.

Vaseline Intensive Care Aloe Spray Moisturiser – I love the normal version of this moisturiser, and I’ve had my eye on this for a while. As I was doing the order and it was less than half price I decided to pick it up.

Rimmel Extra Super Lash Rita Ora Black 101 – I had to chuck away my old black mascara the other day as it had dried out, so picked this up to try.

Carmex Cherry – I love the original Carmex and since my lip balm was running out I decided to pick up this cherry one to try.


Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water – I picked this up as it was only £1 so thought I’d give it a try.

Simple Kind to Eyes Eye Make Up Remover – This was also in the 3 for £3 offer, and thought I’d give it a try rather than paying out for a full size one to find its rubbish.

Versace Bright Crystal – This was a free sample as I bought the Micellar Cleansing Water and the Vaseline moisturiser, so I’ll have to see what it’s like.

So that’s all I bought this time 🙂 See you again soon 🙂




Mini Shopping Trip

This morning I decided to have a little trip in to town. I don’t often go shopping (apart from to buy my food from Tesco every week), but today I decided I wanted to get out and have a little shop. And by little I mean little as I’m a student and money is tight! 😦

So first up I popped in to Primark. Since becoming a student Primark has become my go to store for pyjamas, T-shirts and homeware. I went in today to have a look at their homeware as I bought this cute little Minnie Mouse plaque back in October and wanted to see if they had anything else to add to my pin-board! photo-06-02-2017-13-29-52

Although I didn’t find anything similar I did manage to find some pyjama tops. My room at university is ridiculously hot most of the time, which can make night time unbearable. Soon after I moved here and I first noticed the problem I tried to get some (cheap) pyjama vest tops but of course it was the wrong time of year to be shopping for them, but when I went to Primark today I picked these tops up.


OK, so the lace trim isn’t really my thing, but I figured for £2.50 each I couldn’t go too wrong! Plus I loved the colours.

My next, and last purchases were from Superdrug. I’ve been watching my hand gel slowly run down and decided it was time to pick up a replacement, as well as this I wanted to get a mini Impulse spray to carry around in my bag, and as it was in Superdrug’s 3 for £3 I decided to pick up some hand wipes and some toothpaste. I didn’t really *need* them, but I have a little wash bag for short trips away and tend to carry small toothpaste in there. I don’t usually use Sensodyne but I wanted to get good value for my £3 deal so picked the most expensive toothpaste!


Finally I bought some cotton wool pads. Because of the weather we’ve had my face has become quite dry, and although I often just rub the moisturiser in using my fingers I decided to try using cotton wool pads to do the job.

I hope you enjoyed this post 🙂 Do you like to use travel minis for trips?