20 Years of Harry Potter

26th June 2017, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone turns 20 years old! Little did we know at the time that this book would change the lives of so many and be as popular as it has come to be!

Photo 17-06-2017, 07 59 45In a small celebration of 20 years of Harry Potter I thought I’d share with you some of my Harry Potter story!

Ok, so first off I’ll tell you all what you want to know, I’m in Ravenclaw! Screen Shot 2017-06-12 at 20.02.57

I’m also told that I look like Hermione Granger, and my dad calls me Hermione a lot!

So, how did I first get to know Harry Potter?

2001, I was 7 years old and my friend at school was going to see a preview of the film for her birthday, and I went along. We had Chocolate Frogs and Every Flavour Beans (which were released with the original film release) and I absolutely loved it! I then proceeded to drag my parents and brother along to it so I could watch it again a few weeks later!

I think my brother had the books and he enjoyed them and his enjoyment kind of passed on to me. I was so excited when the first film came out (and I got to know Harry Potter), I had a Harry Potter notebook, Harry Potter pens, Harry Potter trading cards (like Pokemon cards but Harry Potter), Harry Potter board games, Harry Potter pyjamas and a Harry Potter dressing gown!

photo-03-06-2016-13-40-12Did I read the Books?

I don’t really remember when I read the books. I mean of course I’ve read them all now! I remember getting the 6th book (Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince) when it came out in 2005, and I queued up for the 7th book at Midnight in 2007. I remember reading the first book at some point, and the third and fifth, but I’m not sure I read them all until I was around 16 though.

What do I love most about Harry Potter?

I think the fact I grew up with it, and there’s always a character you can relate to. I also love how you can read the stories again and again without getting bored. photo-03-06-2016-13-24-26

Who is my favourite character

Dobby obviously!

Which is my favourite book?

I think probably the third book – The Prisoner of Azkaban. It is just really different from the rest of them. I know lots of people don’t like how different it is, but I really like it!photo-03-06-2016-13-53-38

Which is my favourite film?

Probably Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. You really can’t beat it. You can re-discover Hogwarts every time!

What is my favourite beast?

Fluffy! I mean he’s just so cool! Or Norbert!


What spell would I cast if I could?

Expecto Patronum – I’d love to see what my patronus is 🙂 (Pottermore says I’m an otter)

What do I find the saddest moment?

When Fred dies! 😦


What Harry Potter treat would I try if I could?

I mean I’ve had Butterbeer which was OK, but as I love chocolate, I’m going to say Chocolate Frogs.

Who is my favourite Hogwarts teacher?

Hagrid!!! 😀

Photo 17-06-2017, 07 59 01

So there we have it. I hope you all enjoyed today’s post 🙂 Please feel free answer the same questions I asked myself in the comments below, I look forward to knowing your favourite bits! 🙂

Also, if you love Harry Potter and fancy re-reading it, then join the Wizarding World Book Club 😀

See you all again soon 🙂


Christmas With Billy and Me

After finishing Billy and Me a couple of days ago, I decided to read “Christmas With Billy and Me” straight after so I could continue Sophie and Billy’s story while it was all fresh in my mind, plus I wasn’t ready for their story to end!

“Christmas with Billy and Me” is a short novella set in the lead up to Christmas. Sophie now owns the little tea shop in the village in which she grew up and she gets an anonymous email asking whether “the proposer” can use Sophie’s tea shop to propose to his partner on Christmas Eve. Of course Sophie says yes, and this novella leads up to Christmas and tells the story of Sophie, Billy, Sophie’s mum, Colin (Sophie’s mum’s partner), and Colin’s children as they prepare for this mysterious event of the year. But who is “the proposer”?

“Christmas With Billy and Me” as a great little book. It was much shorter than I remember it this time through though! But I still really enjoyed it and it was nice to have some more story with the characters I’d grown so fond of in “Billy and Me”!

All in all this is a great little book and I love it. My only complaint is that is isn’t long enough! XD

Billy and Me

The chances are you’ll have heard me talk about “Billy and Me” before. If I’ve told you what my favourite book is, or I’ve recommended a book to you, I may well have recommended this. Since I read this before I was blogging I decided it was time to pick it up again and read it so I could share it with you on here.

“Billy and Me” is written by Giovanna Fletcher, wife of Tom Fletcher from McFly/also an author himself. Many people think that Gi just gets her fame from who her husband is, but they’re wrong. She actually writes great chick-lit books. OK, some of them haven’t been as great as others, but the “Billy and Me” series (Billy and Me, Christmas With Billy and Me and Always With Love) is definitely her best.

I was first recommended Billy and Me by a friend who had also read and enjoyed it, I had a look on Amazon, loved the sound of it so ordered it.

Sophie May lives at home with her mum in a quiet little village where everyone knows everyone. She works in the little teashop in the village with her friend Molly, until one day a filming crew turns up to film a new version of Pride and Prejudice. Sophie goes about her day as usual, when Billy Buskin (the star of the film) walks in and befriends Sophie, and before long they’re going on their first date and have fallen for each other. But after time Billy has to move back to London for his next project and Sophie moves with him. But will Billy stay by Sophie’s side or will the fame get to him?

I absolutely adore this book. It is one of the cutest, soppiest, easiest books I’ve ever read. Gi does such a fantastic job of shaping the characters making them all incredibly lovable and easy to relate to. Yes, OK many people think it is just your typical silly boy meets girl love story but I love it. I think there is so much more to it than that. You see the perceptions of a “normal” girl as she enters the world of fame, as well as Billy trying to stay down to earth for Sophie, as well as all the negative press that goes along with someone “famous” dating someone “normal” if that made any sense?!

Billy and Me has a lovely storyline and yes some may say it is a little predictable but aren’t all chick lits?! Billy and Me is just a wonderful book where Gi has tried to create a really down to earth, caring Billy who isn’t phased by Sophie and her anxiety, which I think is fantastic to see!

Basically I think everyone should read this book, and the sequels that go with it! If you do decide to give this a read, please do let me know what you think of it as I’d love to see if other people love it as much as I do! 🙂

After You

Caution, this review contains spoilers for Me Before You!!!

Today I thought I’d share with you my thoughts on the latest book I’ve read. It’s taken me a while, but I’ve finally finished “After You”, the sequel to Me Before You.

After You takes place a couple of years after Will has passed away at the end of Me Before You. Lou is now working in a bar in an airport in London, not really “living” life. She’s still grieving the loss of Will, then one day Will’s daughter turns up on her doorstep. Following her own accident Lou starts to change her life and pick up the pieces of Will’s daughter’s life. Then along comes Sam, a paramedic who Lou falls in love with. But is she ready to move on?

I enjoyed this book for the most part and I think it is a great sequel to Me Before You. A lot of the time you get disappointing sequels, but this wasn’t! The characters are just as good as the first book and it is a really good storyline. Plus we get to see how Will’s mum and dad have got on since he ended his life.

All in all this was a great book and not at all disappointing which I know some people are concerned about with sequels to books such as Me Before You. If you’ve read (or seen) and enjoyed Me Before You and want to know what happens to everyone following Will’s death I recommend this book to you.

It’s a Kind of Magic

I’ve finally finished another book! This one seemed to take a while to read again though! 😦

I love Carole Matthews, and was looking forward to finally reading this after I’d picked it up on a second hand book stall. Although this is another chick lit book, it was a very bizarre one! I’m not saying I didn’t like it, it was pretty good, but just unrealistic and random!

Emma and Leo have been together for goodness knows how long… But they’ve been more off than on as Leo is an incredibly unpredictable and unreliable boyfriend. When Leo turns up at Emma’s 30th Birthday Party, drunk and incredibly late Emma has had enough. Then on his way home Leo meets Isobel, a fairy! Leo starts to change while with Isobel and realises how much of a naff boyfriend he has been, but will he let go of Isobel?

Like I said this was a very bizarre book. One minute Emma wanted Leo and kept calling him, then when he phoned her back seconds later she hangs up and changes her mind! Then the fairy thing… That was weird! I tried to forget about the fairyness and think of Isobel as a normal person, but it’s a little hard!

I loved most of the characters, and I wish we’d seen more of Leo’s neighbour Dominic who seemed like a lovely guy! But why write a fairy into a book like this?! Very strange! Anyway, fairy aside this was an OK book. It definitely isn’t one of the best chick-lit books I’ve read but it was still an OK, light read.



All The Bright Places

I picked this book up last summer as it was part of Zoella’s book club she did with WH Smith. I thought it would be a great book… But how wrong was I?! It’s taken me quite a while to finish this book, partly because I’ve been so busy with uni I haven’t had much time, but also because I didn’t like it…

Violet meets Finch. Both are completely messed up, Violet has lost her sister and Finch has had an unhappy upbringing. They meet at the top of the school bell tower where they talk each other down from jumping. Together they go on an adventure to see new things, to see all the places that their US state has to offer. But as Violet sees the light and her life gets better, Finch goes downhill…

I think you’ll get a major spoiler from what I’m saying here, but I just assumed this would be a “and they all lived happily ever after” book. I mean boy meets girl, girl saves boy from depression and suicide. But no… It deeply shocked me actually and I hated the last few chapters. I mean Finch obviously loved Violet so why the hell did he do what he did at the end. Yes I know full well what depression can do to someone (having watched a couple of family members go through it), but it really shocked me. I suppose it just shocked me because I thought the author could have given the same message in a different/better way at the end.

In terms of characters I liked Violet, and I mostly liked Finch… until the end anyway! But it made me so cross that even though Finch was seeing his school councillor, who knew full well that things weren’t right… He made no real attempt to get him help, which is so negligent. I think that’s what annoys me about this book!

Anyway, basically I didn’t enjoy this book and it was a real struggle to read it through to the end. I know people talk about how good it is, but it really wasn’t for me.

Have you read this book? What did you think?

Girl Online: Going Solo

Having finished both Girl Online and Girl Online: On Tour I decided to carry on reading the series while it was all fresh in my mind still.

I debated long and hard about whether to buy the Kindle edition of this book for £2.99, or whether to splash out £6.50 on the physical copy! Because I’m a bit obsessive with my bookcase I decided that I’d like the physical book so I could put the series together on my bookcase 😀

Noah has disappeared from the face of the Earth leaving Penny to carry on without him. As Penny starts to get used to his absence, Callum falls in to her life providing Penny the opportunity to move on. Penny also makes a new friend, Posey who is studying at the same drama school as Penny’s friend Megan. But will Noah feel ready to return to the “real world”?

I enjoyed this book, however it definitely wasn’t my favourite of the three books in the series. I think I just hoped to see more Penny and Noah adventures and not just Penny getting on with her life. Don’t get me wrong, I love Penny as a character and liked where this book was heading, but I love Noah and Penny more 🙂

Again, I think Zoe Sugg does a great job in this book of highlighting some of the issues facing her target audience (teenagers), from bitchy friends, to family issues to boyfriend issues. But like the other two books it does a great job of emphasising the importance of friends and family when everything else in your life isn’t going how you might hope!

I haven’t got much to say tonight, apart from I loved it and wish we could have more in the future! But I’m going to leave you with one of my favourite quotes from the book.

“… everything happens for a reason, so whatever downs you may encounter, the ups will even them out – and everything will work out in the end.”