Blogmas Day 22 – Christmas Wishlist

Today I’m going to share with you a few of the things on my Christmas wish list.

Finding Dory DVD


I’m a marine biologist… Therefore my DVD collection would not be complete without it!

Scrappy Little Nobody – Anna Kendrick


I love Anna Kendrick and hope to be able to read her book soon.

Mary Poppins – Complete Collection


I love Disney, Mary Poppins and Saving Mr Banks, so I figured I should probably read the books!

Cath Kidston X Mickey Mouse


A couple of weeks ago Cath Kidston released a Mickey Mouse range. I love Cath Kidston and a lot of the Mickey Mouse stuff was adorable. I know I have some of it though because I bought it for mum to give to me.

What is on your Christmas list this year?


Blogmas Day 21 – 72 Questions

I was running out of ideas for Blogmas so thought I’d search around on here to see what I could find. I stumbled across this 73 Questions tag so I thought I’d try it while watching TV this evening.

1. What’s the best thing that has happened to you this month?

Probably getting one of my marks back from university – getting 96% on one assignment.

2.What’s the best thing that has happened to you this year?

I know it probably sounds really cliche. But knowing I’ve made such a difference to someone’s life in my job I did this year.

3.What’s the best thing ever?

My family. They give me so much and I love them all dearly.

4. What’s your favourite season?


5.What’s your favourite holiday?


6. Would you ever live anywhere besides the city?

I’d like to live by the beach.

7.What’s your favourite ice-cream?

Ben and Jerry’s Phish food.

8.Do you untie your shoes when you take them off?

It depends which shoes I have on. If I have my “proper” shoes on I untie them. But if I have my Converse on I just pull them off.

9.What’s your favourite dessert?

Black Forest Gateau

10.Cake or Pie?


11. What’s your least favourite food?

Bacon. I find the smell vile.

12.What’s your favourite condiment?

I only really have Ketchup

13.It’s brunch, what do you eat?

Scrambled egg, beans and toast.

14.What’s your favourite colour?


15.What colour dress did you wear to your prom?


16.Blow dry or Air dry?

Air dry. My hair goes too frizzy if I blow dry it.

17.Do you think you’re strong?

Physically? No.
Mentally? Sometimes.

18.Who’s a person you would love to have a coffee with?

Giovanna Fletcher

Probably last week over my literature review I had to get in.

20.Who’s the last person you texted?

My brother.

21.Twitter or Instagram?

I browse Twitter quite a lot and I like to look on Instagram. I think I prefer Instagram these days though.

22.Who should everyone follow right now?

Erm.. Don’t know.

23.Had you ever had anything stolen from you?

Probably. But I can’t think what.

24.Favourite country you visited?

I really enjoyed Norway. But I also loved visiting America.

25.Last country you visited?


26.Country you wish to visit?

New Zealand and Australia.

27.First pet?

We had a rabbit.

28.Favourite Disney animal?

I don’t think I can pick one!

29.What are you doing tomorrow?

Hopefully going to do the big Christmas food shop tomorrow evening.

30.What are you most excited about in life right now?

Finishing my masters next September XD

31.What book are you reading right now?

The One We Fell in Love With – Paige Toon

32.A book you read because everyone else was reading it?

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time

33.What are you completely bored of right now?

Studying XD

34.What’s your favourite beverage?

Hot Chocolate or Cherry Cola

35.What’s your favourite cocktail?

I don’t drink so can’t really comment.

36.What would you order at a drive thru?

Chicken Nugget Meal, with Coke and an Apple Pie

37.What’s one thing you still have from your childhood?

Teddies, my Baby Born doll and lots of my books.

38.What’s your favourite current TV Show?


Erm, most recent one that’s been on is “I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here”

39.What’s a movie that made you cry?

Me Before You

40.Who do you miss the most?

I miss my parents and family lots when I’m away at Uni. When I’m home, I really miss my Aunt as I don’t see her very often.

41.What’s something you can’t do?

Whistle properly.

42.What are your nicknames?

Hans & Claire-Bare

43.What makes you laugh a lot?

My dad telling crap jokes that he finds hilarious.

44.Heels or Flats?

Flats. I hate heels. They hurt my feet.

45.What’s the most adventurous thing you’ve done?

Probably going out to Norway to visit my friend by myself. Its the first time I’d travelled abroad by myself.

46.What’s one thing you’ve wanted to do but been scared of?

When I was in Bermuda everyone who I was with was out in their Bikinis. But I just didn’t have the confidence not to wear my board shorts/rash vest.

47.What’s one thing you’re most proud of?

Finishing my Marine Zoology degree in Newcastle. No one had the confidence in me that I’d stick it and last away from home, but I did.

48.What did you want to do with your life at age 5?

I’m not sure about 5, but for as long as I remember I’ve wanted to be a Marine Biologist.

49.Dogs or Cats?

Dogs in the sense that you can play with them more. But cats in the sense you don’t really have to clean up after them.

50.What’s the most important thing someone can learn?

To save up and manage money.

51.Bath or Shower?

If I’m washing my hair then shower, but if I want a relax then bath.

52.Mountain hideaway or Beach house?


53.What’s your favourite scented candle?L

Lavender. Or I quite like that Aloe Water Yankee Candle one.

54.If you could spend three months anywhere, where would it be?

New Zealand.

55.Are you messy or neat?

Generally neat.

56. What’s the first thing you do each morning?

Probably check my phone XD

57.What do you have for breakfast?

Generally a banana and cereal. I can’t tell you which as I tend to alternate between cereals. I hate having the same cereal every day.

58.What’s the last thing you do before you go to bed?

Read my book.

59.What’s one skill you wish you had?

Having more confidence in myself.

60.What’s your favourite pizza?

Vegetarian supreme, with sweetcorn, mushrooms, peppers and onions on.

61.Describe your ideal man in 3 words?

  • Caring
  • Funny
  • Loving

62.Who was the last person you spoke on the phone too?

My mum

63.At what age were you the happiest?

Maybe last year so 22.

64.What’s the last thing you ate?

A Welsh Cake.

65.Where do you go when you need to be alone?

My bedroom.

66.What’s the biggest thing on your mind right now?

My exams

67.What’s the best activity to do at home on a rainy day?

Reading and watching films.

68.What are you listening to right now?

The TV

69.On a scale of 1-10, how happy are you about life right now?


70.What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten?

Not sure…

71.Is there a dessert you don’t like?

Anything with nuts in…. Because I can’t have it because it would kill me XD

72.What is the farthest you have been from home?

Without my parents – Bermuda

With family – Chicago


So that concludes my 72 Questions Tag!
I hope you enjoy reading and learning more about me. Feel free to do your own 73 questions tag, and if you do, let me know in the comments! I’d love to read your answers!

Blogmas Day 20 – Books of 2016

Today’s Blogmas will take you through some of my favourite books that I’ve read in 2016. They aren’t books that have necessarily come out this year but books that I’ve enjoyed reading.

Last year I managed to read 52 books, and I wanted to match that target this year. But to date I’ve only managed 38 books. But I’m hoping to make it 40 by the end of the year.

So this year I’ve read:

  1. Harry Potter – The Creature Vault
  2. Harry Potter – Magical Places from the Films
  3. Meet me in Manhattan
  4. Harry Potter Film Wizardry
  5. Baby at the Beach Cafe
  6. The Reason I Jump
  7. Doctor Turner’s Casebook (A book to accompany Call the Midwife)
  8. One Night in Italy
  9. A Parcel for Anna Browne
  10. A Year of Taking Chances
  11. The Secrets of Happiness
  12. Recipe for Life (Mary Berry Autobiography)
  13. Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone – Illustrated Edition
  14. Travelling to Infinity
  15. The Story of Tracy Beaker
  16. Always with Love
  17. New Guard
  18. The Nightmare of Black Island
  19. Can You Keep a Secret
  20. The Dare Game
  21. A Cottage by the Sea
  22. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child
  23. Everything, Everything
  24. The Sky is Everywhere
  25. The Cosy Teashop in the Castle
  26. Vicky Angel
  27. A Compromising Position
  28. Harry Potter – The Artefact Vault
  29. Fantastic Mr Fox
  30. Walking the Nile
  31. A Place to Call Home
  32. Fangirl
  33. The Cosy Christmas Tea Shop
  34. We Were on a Break
  35. Welcome to the Real World
  36. Me Before You
  37. The Christmasaurus
  38. The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time

It is hard to pick favourites from all of these as I’ve enjoyed most of them!

A Recipe For Life – Mary Berry


I’ve grown up with the name “Mary Berry” and I knew she was a cook as we have recipe books at home. But it was only when I discovered “The Great British Bake Off” that I too came to love her. I loved reading this book as it gives a real insight into Mary Berry and her life. It was definitely a great read that I’d recommend anyone who has come to know her through the Bake Off.

Always with Love 

Photo 12-06-2016, 21 39 49

I love Giovanna Fletcher’s Books. I adored Billy and Me and I was so excited that were getting a sequel to it. If you love chick-lit books I can’t recommend “Billy and Me” and “Always with Love” enough.

The Cosy Tea Shop in the Castle

Photo 05-09-2016, 11 19 18

Again, this was another great chick-lit book and I loved it and the sequel.

What books have you read this year? Have you got any suggestions for books to read in 2017?

Blogmas Day 19 – Rapid Fire Book Tag

I was trying to find some more ideas for Blogmas and I found this book tag so thought why not? I was going to do a Blogmas about my favourite books I’ve read this year but thought I could do this one instead 🙂

1.E-book or Physical book?

Physical book most of the time. They look pretty on my bookcase 😉 But then if the Kindle book is cheaper I’ll buy that… Or if I want a few things to read when going on holiday I’ll try and find a couple of cheap e-books.

2. Paperback or Hardback?

I usually wait for books to come out in paperback than buying hardback. But sometimes they don’t come in paperback or I’ll be too desperate to read something to wait.

3. Online or In-Store Book Shopping

Mostly online because it’s so much cheaper. But I do sometimes buy books from supermarkets because they aren’t too much more than online… But I find Waterstones and WH Smith really expensive generally.

4. Trilogies or Series?

I’m not worried as long as they’re all good.

5. Heroes of Villains?

I don’t often read books like that but probably heroes?

6. A book you want everyone to read?

Right now it would probably be Harry Potter. I mean who can’t go through life without reading it?

7. Recommend an Underrated Author?

Giovanna Fletcher. Her books are great and I don’t think many people have ever heard of her.

8. The Last Book You Finished?

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time

9. Weirdest Thing you’ve used as a bookmark

Probably a pen? I don’t often not have a bookmark to use.

10. Used Books: yes or no?

Yes. Most of the books I buy are used. Unless its a book that’s just come out.

11. Top three favourite genres?

Young Adult, Romance/Chick-Lit, Adventure.

12. Borrow or Buy?

Buy. I like having books on my bookcase.

13. Character or Plot?

Both. You need both for a good book.

14. Long or Short Books?

I don’t mind really. As long as the story makes sense and it goes where it needs to.

15. Name the first three books you think of?

  • Billy and Me – Giovanna Fletcher
  • Harry Potter
  • Safe Haven – Nicholas Sparks

16. Books that make you laugh or cry?

Either. Not worried.

17. Our world, or fictional worlds?

Depends on the fictional world! But I mean who wouldn’t love to go to Hogwarts

18. Audiobooks, yes or no?

Sometimes. I like listening to them at bedtime (I usually fall asleep when listening to them), and also when I’m ill or if my eyes are tired and I’m just lying in bed and don’t fancy music.

19. Do you ever judge a book by its cover?


20. Book to movie or book to TV adaptations?

Movie generally.

21. A movie or TV show you preferred to its book?

My Sister’s Keeper

22. Series or Standalones?

I don’t mind standalones but if I love the characters then I’ll want a series.

Blogmas Day 18 – Snowflake Cake

Today’s Blogmas is revisiting a post I did last year about a Christmassy cake.

2016 marks the fourth year that I’ll be making this cake as part of our family’s Christmas festivities. The cake recipe is by Frances Quinn, winner of the Great British Bake Off 2013.

I love this cake, it tastes soooooo good and is possibly my favourite cake to make!

I missed out taking photos of some of the steps because I was in a bit of a hurry to get the cake made! I’ll post some links to the recipe at the end🙂

Photo 24-12-2015, 08 41 17

Firstly it is safe to say that this cake is a bit of a Cadbury treat looking at these ingredients!

We start by making a ganache from double cream, dark chocolate and milk chocolate. The ganache is made first so it has plenty of time to cool before it is needed to decorate the cake!🙂

Photo 24-12-2015, 11 17 54

Then we make the cake with lots of goodies like Golden Syrup, more chocolate, butter, dark muscovado sugar, flour, cocoa powder, bicarbonate of soda, egg, vanilla extract and milk.

Photo 24-12-2015, 12 18 22

After half an hour or so in the oven the cake comes out and smells amazing!

After cooling it’s time to decorate!🙂

Decorate with the ganache, white chocolate fingers, white chocolate buttons, Cadbury snowbites and Cadbury Winter Wonderland Chocolate.

You can find out more about the snowflake cake here

And here’s a link to the recipe!

Blogmas Day 17 – Doctor Who Christmas Specials

I used to absolutely love Doctor Who, but the last couple of series have just been a bit rubbish so I’ve lost a bit of interest in it, but I still enjoy some of the earlier series. So in today’s Blogmas I thought I’d tell you my favourite 3 Doctor Who christmas specials.

The Christmas Invasion


The Christmas Invasion is definitely my favourite Doctor Who Christmas special. I mean who doesn’t love a spinning Christmas tree and robot santas?!

“It’s Christmas Eve and high above London, the alien Sycorax holding the Earth for ransom. The Tenth Doctor must recover from his regeneration in time to save the human race from slavery.”

The Snowmen


This episode is great and I really enjoyed it… In fact I might have to go and watch it again now 😀

“After losing Amy Pond and Rory Williams, the Eleventh Doctor has retired to Victorian England, where Strax, Jenny Flint, and Vastra assist him. The Doctor eventually meets Clara Oswald, and takes a liking to the young barmaid who leads a double life as a governess. At the same time, a sinister plot is unfolding; snowmen are randomly appearing around London, growing in size and power. All they need to take over the world is some human DNA in ice crystal form, and the frozen body of a drowned governess can give them just that.”

The Runaway Bride


I think what makes this episode so great is Catherine Tate. It is just great fun and I love it!

“Killer Santas, exploding baubles, an alien spaceship shaped like a giant star — Christmas with the Tenth Doctor is anything but a silent night…”

I’m sorry it’s only another short and quick one today! Hopefully I’ll write some more interesting ones for you soon!

Blogmas Day 16 – Board Games

So I’m writing today’s blog when I really should be proof reading my literature review and cutting it down by 50 words to reach my 6,000 word limit. But the day this post goes out is the day I’ll have my work handed in and I’ll have finished my first term doing my masters degree.

Today I’m going to tell you about a few of the games we love to play at Christmas as a family/

Trivial Pursuit


Now I won’t pretend I’m any good at Trivial Pursuit – partly because the edition we have at home is quite an old version and I’m a bit young for some of it! But I always team up with my brother or my dad and then I do OK 😉



Rummikub is quite an old game and I’m not sure how many people will know about it, but its basically a number game. Not too difficult though. It’s all about sequencing your tiles by number/colour to get rid of your tiles first.



This game is great fun. It is really hard to explain but basically you get a set of statements, all of which give you clues about words. The answers to the sets of statements you get are all linked in a way and you have to work out how. Its so much fun and the first team to get cards spelling out LINKEE win.

Other games we like to play include: Articulate, Cranium and Game of Life.

Are there any games that you like to play with your family?