A Day in London

I live incredibly close to London. Only 25 mins away on the train so I don’t really go to London at all… apart from to work!

However last week my fellow blogger An Historian About Town came over from Canada to visit the UK and after 4 years we finally met! An Historian About Town was actually key to the beginnings of my blog! She was the first ever person to stumble upon my, what was then brand new, little blog and since then she’s helped me with its growth and allowed me to bounce many ideas off her!

So, back to our day out! AnHistorianAboutTown was desperate to visit The Queen’s House in Greenwich and she was desperate to visit Cath Kidston with me! So after meeting at London Bridge we headed out to Greenwich for a wander!

Photo 12-02-2019, 11 22 27IMG_4123

I’ve never actually been out to Greenwich before and immediately we were both amazed by how peaceful it was out here. An Historian About Town even asked me if it was “still London”!

We wandered around The Queen’s House and admired some of the paintings, particularly the Armada Portrait! But neither of us particularly liked the mask that was opposite it!


The stairways and halls were pretty impressive too! We both loved the Tulip Stairs.IMG_4126IMG_4141

After finishing at The Queen’s House we decided to have a little walk around Greenwich Park and up to the Observatory. Unfortunately we didn’t go in to the Observatory but one day I will! The views from the top of the hill were pretty impressive and I pointed out a few landmarks! IMG_4142Photo 12-02-2019, 12 13 28

From Greenwich Park we headed back toward the DLR and stopped off to see The Cutty Sark on the way. I’m not very good with my early history and had to keep telling An Historian About Town that I didn’t know! I’m a rubbish tour guide!

Photo 12-02-2019, 12 30 37

Then the shopping started! I was incredibly well behaved and didn’t spend much money but An Historian About Town may have spent a bit! πŸ˜‰ Our first stop was the new outlet centre that’s opening in the O2. Of course we visited Cath Kidston and I absolutely loved watching AnHistorianAboutTown getting so excited about all of the shop! πŸ˜€

Afterwards we headed to Oxford St and did some shopping there! I was quite surprised though actually how pleasant it was walking along Oxford and Regent Street on a Tuesday afternoon! Not too busy!

All in all, I had a wonderful day out with AnHistorianAboutTown! And got serious polar bear envy when she was talking about Winnipeg Zoo! She even bought me my own Starbucks Winnipeg mug after I was admiring how beautiful hers was! It’s now on my shelf with all my display mugs! Thank you for a great day, and maybe see you again next week AnHistorianAboutTown!

Photo 12-02-2019, 19 52 11



2 thoughts on “A Day in London

  1. I have lived about half an hour from London my entire life too and definitely feel like a terrible tour guide every time someone visits as I never can recall places they should visit or any history about London. I always recommend going on one of the bus tours and then I will show them cute cafes and places to eat! xx

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