My August Life

Where on earth has August gone?! I’m not gonna lie, I’m glad its come to an end but also it means I’m another month closer to not having a job.

August has been busy for me… Insanely busy! I feel like I’ve been working non-stop and really I have. I’m only contracted for 6 shifts a month but by the time you read this I’m going to have done 26 shifts in August alone, and that doesn’t include my other job. So basically, put it this way. I’ve been working 6 days a week and 12 hour days at a time. I’m pretty pooped to say the least!

August started with me being away on a Christian Kids Summer Camp. I’ve now been volunteering on this kids camp for 8 years and I’m now one of the more experienced leaders there. I love being away, helping out and spending time with what we call the “camp family”.

I then came back and have pretty much worked the whole of August, but this month I’ve really enjoyed spending time at the zoo with my (I mean dad’s) camera. I took some more photos the other day which you can see below 🙂


Throughout August I’ve also been enjoying reading “The Rivers of London”. I was supposed to be reading it for An Historian’s book club. I was so excited to finally read it, but work has meant that I fell behind massively and haven’t been able to contribute yet as I’m still reading it! 😦

I’ve also been applying for various new jobs throughout the last couple of months as I’m currently going to be job-less in around 8 weeks time. I’ve had a few interviews, but unfortunately haven’t got any further 😦

Last weekend I also went to see the new Mamma Mia film! We finally found time to go and see it together (me, mum and dad)! I really enjoyed it! Loads of people had said it wasn’t very good so I’d set myself up for disappointment, but I loved it. I can’t stop listening to the soundtrack 🙂

I should be able to be around a bit more again now that work is calming down! 🙂 How are you all? What have you all been up to through August? 🙂


4 thoughts on “My August Life

  1. The photos have turned out really lovely, although it took me a while to figure out the hippo photo as for some reason I couldn’t get my eyes to see the depth of the photo correctly. It sounds like you have been super busy this month and hopefully if things do calm do, you will enjoy having time to spend the money you have earned. xx

    • Thank you! 🙂 they have calmed slightly thankfully! Although one of my colleagues has left and I’m now covering her shifts until the end of October but it’s all good! I’d rather be busy than be home wondering what to do!

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