Zoo Life

So, as promised here are some zoo (and baby tiger) photos for you 🙂

I absolutely love my job and love spending time at the zoo. I’ve now actually become really attached to some of the animals too. IMG_0011aIMG_0046aIMG_0063aIMG_0071aIMG_0095aIMG_0115bIMG_0120a

On Wednesday we had some extremely sad news. Naya (& Botzman) our Amur tiger had given birth to 4 cubs. But sadly we received the news yesterday that one of the babies had to be put to sleep. I’d been getting a bit concerned as I’d only been seeing 3 of the 4 babies in recent days, but it was still a shock. The baby tiger was unable to stand anymore or walk around.

I never thought I’d get attached to the animals at the zoo, but hearing the news of the baby tiger has left me so sad, having watched them grow up the last 8 weeks.



The zoo has an excellent bird show. I absolutely loved sitting there watching the birds!


We also currently have 5 Californian Sea Lions at the zoo, where baby Hanno and Oakley were born in June and July respectively. I’ve not yet got any photos of them but hopefully I’ll see them soon! 🙂


I hope you enjoyed today’s “photo dump” of some of my friends at the zoo 🙂

Do you want to know anything about any of them? 🙂

Would you like to see more zoo photos in the future? 



9 thoughts on “Zoo Life

  1. Oh wow I love these photos! I think zoos are so incredible in that they offer the opportunity to see animals that you would be unable to see normally, although I have to ask how well the zoo truly takes care of the animal, bearing in mind these are wild animals to begin with. A long debate I am sure. x

    • 90% of the animals we have at our zoo are all captive bred, so they haven’t come from the wild. Or if they have they are ones which have been rescued from places along the lines. Whipsnade is a really good zoo in the sense we are the UK’s largest zoo in area so all the animal enclosures are massive. The size of the area our rhinos have to live in is the same size as London zoo. We also provide a lot of stimulus and enrichment for them to keep them active and keeping natural instincts going. I know where you’re coming from, but since actually working in a zoo you come to appreciate more the role of zoos in conservation. E.g our zoo has re-released several animals born in the zoo to the wild, such as the Scimitar horned oryx, Père David’s deer and Przewalski’s horse 🙂

      • Thank you for sharing. It is hard to know what is the truth with so much publicity nowadays. It sounds like the zoo you work at are doing a lot to help make the animals as content as possible. x

      • I know what you mean! 🙂 ZSL are an incredible charity to work for and their zoos (Whipsnade and London) are probably 2 of the best in the UK 🙂

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