Empties #2

Hey everyone! Hope you’re all well? 🙂 It’s time for another empties post… aka trash hoarding!

I was tidying my room up and decided it was time to do another empties post so I could get rid of this stuff! 🙂

Photo 10-07-2018, 12 41 00

So first up, Colgate Sensitive Pro ReliefI spoke about this in my previous empties post and again, I’ve used it for probably 6 years now. Will I buy again? Yes, I already have.

Dentek Complete Clean Back Teeth Floss. I’ve again been using these flossers for around 5 years and they’re good. I always keep an eye out on Boots for offers when I’m down to my last back. They’re quite expensive otherwise, but Boots almost always have 1/3 off or 3 for 2 offers on them. Will I buy again? Yes, I already have 🙂

Wet Ones – Be Gentle. I actually bought these for South Africa. I don’t particularly like that they’re not biodegradable but they’re pretty good. I use them mostly for wiping sun cream off my hands once applying it while I’m out and about. Will I buy again? Probably.  

Photo 10-07-2018, 12 41 06

Gillette Venus Sensitive Shave Gel – I’ve tried a few other shave gels in my life and personally I don’t like them as much as this one. I’ll only get this when its on offer though as again, it’s pretty expensive otherwise! Will I buy again? Yes, I already have as it was on offer last week! 😀

Febreze Car Air Freshener – Cotton Fresh. I used to love my Jelly Belly air fresheners for my car, but the last two I’ve bought haven’t smelt much at all after the first couple of days. After I’d seen Sophie talk about these on her blog I decided to give them a go. I was really impressed actually! It was a really good scent and lasted probably around a month. Personally I’d have liked it to last a little longer but I did quite like it. Would I buy againYes, I already have but I’ve got a vanilla one this time!

Photo 10-07-2018, 12 41 03

Child’s Farm Moisturiser – I absolutely ADORE this stuff! First up it smells absolutely amazing but second it does wonders for dry and eczema ridden skin. A couple of years ago I was getting awful eczema on my hands and I was desperate for something to sort it out. I spent ages researching and found good reviews about the Child’s Farm range so I decided to try it. I’m so glad I did! It is a little expensive but it is brilliant. My only gripe is that last year several newspapers/magazines started promoting how brilliant it is, and since then Child’s Farm seem to have some supply issues every now and then so sometimes it is impossible to get hold of. But Will I buy again? Yes!!! I most definitely will, in fact I bought 2 massive bottles of it last time I found some! 😀

Imperial Leather Foamburst Unicorn Marshmallow – I can’t remember how I found out about this foamburst, but I knew as soon as I saw it I needed to try it. Basically I love it! I was a tad disappointed because I thought it was going to be multicoloured when it came out but it’s not! Never mind! I love it all the time. Plus it does make pretty good shave gel if you’ve run out or anything. Will I buy againYes! I’ve got 3 more cans in the bathroom! 😀

Nivea Invisible Deodorant – I decided to try this having fallen in love with the packaging. Sadly they don’t do it in this packaging now but I love it. It was a really nice deodorant to use… I mean enough said really! Will I buy again? Probably 🙂 I mean with deodorant I kind of just buy what is on offer.

Finally, Garnier Ultimate Blends Honey Treasures Strength Restorer. I’ve been using the Garnier Ultimate Blends Honey shampoo range for a couple of years now and bought this along with the shampoo and conditioner. To be honest, it does the exact same as the 3 minute mask tub and I can actually tell the difference from when I have and haven’t used the mask. They don’t sell this one in the tube any more, instead they sell it in individual sachet things now. Will I buy againProbably not. As I said, it is the same as the big tub of mask really and I notice no difference between the two, so I’ll just buy the tub from now.  

So now I can finally throw my rubbish away! 😀 I hope you enjoyed this post. Have you tried any of these items, if so what do you think? 🙂


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