Chilly’s Bottle Vs Moon Bottle

So these kind of insulated drinks bottles seem to be the new trend and I decided to join it!

During May half term I worked extra at work and I was standing in a 35°C marquee for hours in a row. I just wanted cold water and the cold water I’d topped my Camelbak water bottle up with didn’t last long. So many of those I was working with had Chilly’s bottles so I decided it was time to try.

Please note these are my own opinions and this isn’t a sponsored post in any way!

So firstly I decided to get the Moon Bottle. 

Photo 10-06-2018, 14 37 07

The moon bottle is a 500ml bottle which comes in a few different colours but annoyingly only one size. It says it’ll keep things cold for 24h and 12h hot.

In terms of price it is currently priced at £16.99 so actually pretty reasonable and affordable. The packaging was pretty good. The outer box is recyclable but the bottle was actually in a plastic bag inside the box so the packaging isn’t entirely recyclable.

I’m not sure I’d want to try it for hot things (maybe hot squash) because I think it would be a bit difficult to clean as the neck isn’t that wide. I haven’t tried it for hot things but I can tell you it kept my fridge cold water cold for at least 12 hours (I haven’t tried longer than that). It also doesn’t leak which is brilliant.

It does look quite appealing and it is quite a good size for throwing in your bag, but personally I wanted something a bit bigger for work which is why I bought the Chilly’s bottle.

Chilly’s Bottle

Photo 22-06-2018, 10 56 27

The thing that put me off buying a Chilly’s bottle right away was the price difference. My 750ml daisy print bottle here cost £30. That’s double the price of a Moon bottle. But I love it and in time I know I’m going to be so glad that I bought it!

So Chilly’s bottles come in so many different colours, patterns and sizes and there is one for everyone. They range from around £15 through to £30 with different sizes and patterns costing different prices.

It took quite a long time to come from ordering the bottle but it was well packaged and 100% of the packaging is recyclable.

As with the Moon bottle, the Chilly’s bottle is supposed to keep water cold for 24h and things hot for 12h. I tried this for the first time and it kept my water fridge cold for 18h, so I’m pretty happy that it’ll keep it cold for longer. Again, I’m not sure I’d want to try it for hot but I’m sure it would work.

It is also leak proof. It hasn’t leaked on me yet and I really like it. At 750ml this bottle is so much more practical for me at work and I can’t wait to take it with me for the first time this weekend.

Photo 22-06-2018, 10 56 40

So would I recommend either of these? Yes, definitely. They both do what they’re supposed to do and I love both of them. Personally I think I prefer my Chilly’s bottle because of the size and the pattern, but at the same time the Moon bottle does the same thing. The only issue is the massive difference in price, but then they both feel pretty robust so I’d like to think they’ll last a while!


10 thoughts on “Chilly’s Bottle Vs Moon Bottle

  1. I got a free Chilly’s water bottle and I have used it so much! I used mine for coffee and I actually found that it was so good at it’s job that my coffee was still boiling hours later!! So I would definitely recommend putting ready-to-drink coffee in the cup. It also smells very strongly of coffee because I cannot clean it as well as I would like to. xx

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