A Day of Animals: Penguins, Baboons, Ostrich & Cape Point (Cape Town 5)

Today was penguin day. Possibly the day of the whole trip I was most looking forward to 😉 (apart from Safari)! There may be penguin overload in today’s post… But then I am obsessed with penguins! 😀

Anyway, we got up earlier and headed back to Simon’s Town and perhaps it was because we were earlier, or maybe it was because the weather wasn’t so good, but we parked straight away and I soon had my first glimpse of an African Penguin.

I love penguins so much and it has always been a dream of mine to see penguins in the wild. I’ve spent a long time reading about them and studying them that I know how endangered they’ve become. Particularly African Penguins which I spent a couple of months researching during my masters. It was amazing to see them in the wild, as well as being so unfazed by human presence so close to them. I mean you’re not allowed to go touching them or anything, but you can get close to them if you know where to go.

IMG_9291 (Copy)

IMG_9301 (Copy)

IMG_9430 (Copy)

On Boulder’s Beach (where the penguins are) there are 2 main entry points, the one where most people know to go, where there is a boardwalk to stop you getting close to the penguins. But there is also the main beach area (in the photos above) where the penguins do actually come on to the beach and you can pretty much swim with the penguins.

IMG_4934 (Copy)

IMG_9424 (Copy)

IMG_9444 (Copy)

Had I been prepared (and had my swimming/snorkelling stuff) I may well have swum out a bit but I wasn’t so I made do with the view I had of the penguins. Besides I wouldn’t want to cause any unnecessary stress to such an endangered species just for my pleasure. Anyway, after our stop off at the quieter beach we walked across to the main viewing area.

IMG_4840 (Copy)

IMG_4857dited (Copy)

IMG_4881 (Copy)

There are far more penguins to see in the main viewing area, but it is more crowded and you don’t really get very close to the penguins.

After we’d finished at the penguins we went to Cape Point, which was probably another 20-30 minute drive on from Simon’s Town.

IMG_4944 (Copy)

Within Cape Point there is Cape Point itself (which genuinely feels like you’re standing at the end of the world), and Cape of Good Hope. The general misconception is that Cape Point is the most southern part of the African continent, but it isn’t. Cape of Good Hope however is the most southwestern point of the African Continent.

IMG_4951 (Copy)

IMG_4968 (Copy)

IMG_4969edited (Copy)

After going up Cape Point I was trusted to drive around to Cape of Good Hope. We’d insured me on our hire car, just in case I needed to drive at all. But at least I can now say I’ve driven in another country 😉

IMG_9485 (Copy)IMG_9486 (Copy)

In Cape Point (Nature reserve I think it is) there are wild ostriches and wild baboons. We’d driven around a bit to no luck, and then we decided to drive off the main route towards one of the quieter bays of the Cape Peninsula. And before long we spotted a troop of around 20 baboons walking along the road. It was pretty fun to watch, especially all the younger ones playing and fighting. Then 2 decided to jump on to the car which was funny, but also slightly terrifying at the same time (mum was very glad she’d paid for the extra insurance on the car at the point)!

IMG_5027 (Copy)IMG_5036 (Copy)

Continuing our drive we managed to find a male and female ostrich together which was amazing to see. Today was truly a day of finding wild animals.

IMG_5038 (Copy)

I forgot to show the Dassies we found at Boulder’s beach too!

IMG_4782 (Copy)

Anyway, Buffles Bay where we found the ostriches and baboons was a pretty beautiful place. I can imagine that at the weekends it could get incredibly busy down there (even with the baboons around).

IMG_5043 (Copy)

That was a bit more of a condensed version of our 4th day in Cape Town! I hope you enjoyed today’s post and I’ll be back tomorrow with our last day in Cape Town!

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13 thoughts on “A Day of Animals: Penguins, Baboons, Ostrich & Cape Point (Cape Town 5)

  1. Your trip looks even more incredible by the day. I have never been this close to wild animals and not going to lie, I think I would be slightly scared, especially of the baboons when they jumped on the car. Excited for part 6! xx

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