Seals Everywhere! Simon’s Town & Seal Island (Cape Town 4)

On our 3rd day in Cape Town we had planned to go and see the penguins. Cape Town has some healthy populations of African penguins which I was desperate to see, but we didn’t realise that on this particular Sunday (which we now know was the last day of the summer holidays) the whole of Cape Town would descend on the beach… Safe to say we turned around and tried again another day.

So instead of the penguins we ended up going to a place called Simon’s Town, around 45 minutes drive from the centre of Cape Town. Simon’s Town is a big naval town, where we enjoyed a walk around the town and the shops.

IMG_9127 (Copy)IMG_9133 (Copy)

I could imagine that Simon’s Town would be a great place for me to go if the timing was right, as loads of shark and whale watching trips go out from there. Sadly we were a couple of months late for both of these! I hope that one day I’ll go back when it’s whale and/or shark season!

One of the things I was looking forward to during our time in Cape Town was taking a look at the African craft markets. In a lot of places through Cape Town you find little market stalls where locals from Townships sell things they’ve made. Some of my favourites were the beaded animals they sell. But it was interesting to hear how they’re made and how long it takes to make them. You’d never realise that some of it is made from old Coca Cola cans and scrap car metal. OK, you’re supposed to negotiate with them a bit on price, but me and mum were happy with our purchases and gave the man a small tip too, which really made his day.

IMG_4723 (Copy)IMG_9125 (Copy)

We enjoyed a walk around the waterfront area while waiting for our boat trip out to Seal Island in the middle of False Bay.

IMG_4721 (Copy)IMG_9109 (Copy)IMG_9138 (Copy)

Cape Town is famous for its Cape Fur Seal population, particularly being famous for their relationship with the Great White Sharks which reside in False Bay with them. I’d heard of Seal Island in the middle of False Bay, which during breeding season is home to around 75,000 seals. I’ve seen seals before and I’ve seen a lot of seals before…. but this was off the scale! We booked on to the boat trip and headed out in to False Bay.

IMG_4724 (Copy)

I can imagine that during the right time of year you’d see loads of whales and possibly a few Great White sharks. But even with my eagle eyes open we didn’t have any luck seeing any dolphins 😦

Anyway, it was quite a rough ride as the wind had picked up but it was definitely worth it to see such a healthy population of seals. But they smelt so bad!

IMG_4743 (Copy)IMG_4746 (Copy)IMG_4748 (Copy)IMG_4766 (Copy)

It had quite recently been seal pupping season so there were quite a few seal pups around 🙂

Today was a bit of a shorter post, but I’ll be back this weekend for the last 2 posts from Cape Town 🙂 I hope you’re all enjoying these posts from my holiday?

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