Cape Town’s View Points: Table Mountain & Signal Hill (Cape Town 3)

On our second full day in Cape Town we’d planned to go up Table Mountain. I was desperate to head up the top, but with cloud cover sometimes you can waste a trip up. But we decided to go for it so we had time to try again should the view deteriorate.

We got up and had breakfast and headed off for the cable car.

Photo 13-01-2018, 08 32 46 (Copy)
Breakfast every day was so good!

Most of the time there is a massive queue to get on the cable car to go up Table Mountain. As we were going up on such a beautiful day we were expecting there to be a long queue and a long wait, BUT much to our surprise there was absolutely no queue and we got straight up.

The views from the top of Table Mountain were impressive, with no clouds lingering close to spoil the view, and we were early enough that the haze from the heat hadn’t yet obscured the view.

IMG_0837 (Copy)

IMG_4590 (Copy)

Table Mountain gives you views over the city of Cape Town, as well as out to places like Hout Bay and Camps Bay and the rest of the mountains. Because of how big the top is it doesn’t get too busy and there are plenty of view points around 🙂

panorama_edited (Copy)

While at the top of Table Mountain (and having a drink) I took the opportunity to write a couple of postcards. We didn’t think they’d arrive until we’d got back home, but much to our surprise they appeared home 4 days after we posted them!

At the top of Table Mountain (and in a few other places in Cape Town) there are Dassies. Dassies are rodent like animals that look like hamsters/guinea pigs…. But believe it or not they are related to the elephant!!! Anyway, I was desperate to see some dassies as they kind of look cute… but they can also look incredibly grumpy!

After our trip up Table Mountain we drove up Signal Hill, another one of the good view points over Cape Town. At noon they have a noon-day gun which we’d missed, but we still had an enjoyable walk around enjoying the view and picking out places.

IMG_9012 (Copy)IMG_4689 (Copy)

IMG_4702 (Copy)IMG_4708 (Copy)

From Signal Hill we drove down to Bo-Kaap. Bo-Kaap has a fascinating history which I won’t bore you with, but you can read about it here.

IMG_9066 (Copy)IMG_9070 (Copy)IMG_9075 (Copy)

Bo-Kaap seemed like such an interesting place so I kind of wish I’d had the confidence to get out of the car and walk around, as well as find the Bo-Kaap museum.

To finish off our second full day in Cape Town we drove out to Camps Bay. Mum and I enjoy “collecting” Hard Rock Cafes where we go, and when we found that Cape Town now had one (it only opened a couple of months ago) we decided to give it a go. The only thing is, it isn’t located in the best area to get it, but we had such a good meal. We’d expected the prices to be very similar to the UK/USA prices but we were surprised that again, our burgers were only around £5 each! I think my mocktail (the Mango one with Red Bull, Orange juice and Mango juice was seriously amazing!) cost almost as much as my burger!

IMG_0840 (Copy)

Photo 13-01-2018, 16 44 53 (Copy)

To finish off the day we had a little walk on the beach. It was a beautiful beach, but very busy!

Photo 13-01-2018, 16 50 25 (Copy)

I hope you enjoyed part 3 of my South Africa adventure 🙂 You can see Part 1 here and Part 2 here. I’ll be back in the week for part 4 🙂

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