V&A Waterfront, Robben Island & Two Oceans Aquarium (Cape Town 2)

I’m back with the second instalment of my time in South Africa, have you seen my first post? I have a feeling that these posts are going to be more like posts by day in Cape Town because I don’t want them to be too long!

The wonderful thing about South Africa as a holiday destination is the lack of jet lag! Cape Town is only 2 hours in front of the UK in time zones so jet lag wasn’t an issue. Our first day in Cape Town had already been planned before we got there so we had a bit more of a relaxing morning.

We got up and had breakfast where we were could help ourselves to cold breakfast of cereals, fruit, yoghurts etc. before having a cooked breakfast.

After breakfast we drove to the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront and after parking the car had a short wander around the waterfront area.

IMG_4401 (Copy)

Somewhere that I was keen to go was to Robben Island, where Nelson Mandela was kept prisoner for 18 years. Before going out to South Africa I’d watched “A Long Walk to Freedom” so I had a better idea of the history, and I was quite interested in visiting Robben Island to learn some more. Robben Island is an island (obviously) around 4 miles off the coast of Cape Town, and the only way to get there is by one of the daily organised boat tours. This is best booked a few weeks in advance to guarantee your trip.

IMG_4433 (Copy)IMG_4437 (Copy)IMG_4457 (Copy)

During the course of the tour you get the opportunity to tour the prison with an ex political prisoner, as well as have a tour of the island from a bus. I mean the prison tour is fascinating but in general you could do with having more time to have a better tour of the prison and see more of the island. It was a pretty interesting trip, it could have just been a bit longer!

IMG_4466edited (Copy)IMG_4468 (Copy)IMG_4482edited (Copy)

After a bumpy boat ride back to the V&A Waterfront we had a look around. I got very excited for my first glimpse of the Cape Fur Seals which have made their home in the harbour here.

IMG_4489 (Copy)

We wondered along to Nobel square where there are statues of 4 Nobel Peace Prize winners (including Nelson Mandela), before enjoying a bit of African music.

IMG_4500 (Copy)IMG_4504 (Copy)

I love a good aquarium and I jumped at the chance to visit the Two Oceans Aquarium here, especially when I heard they have an Ocean Sunfish in their collection. Plus it was great to see and learn about some of the Pacific and more local animals that I wasn’t particularly aware about.

After a trip around a local craft market, we headed back to the Cape Wheel where we had fantastic views of the V&A Waterfront as well as Table Mountain, Signal Hill and Lion’s Head.

IMG_4561 (Copy)IMG_4567 (Copy)

Finally, to end the day we decided to have dinner at the Waterfront. There are so many restaurants to pick from and you can basically pick whatever cuisine you fancy. It was a really good dinner, but also incredibly surreal sitting there eating my spaghetti bolognaise in 25 degree heat next to a Christmas tree, while knowing it was about 2 degrees back at home.

I’m going to leave it there again for today because I don’t want to bore everyone with a really long post! I’ll hopefully see you tomorrow for part 3 🙂

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