Arriving in Cape Town (Cape Town 1)

So as I said and you may have gathered if you follow me in instagram, I’ve been away on holiday. I was incredibly lucky to go away to South Africa for 10 days with my mum. It was the break that I really needed, and although I’ll start paying mum back when I have a job, I’m incredibly thankful for our trip away.

Mum and Dad first went to South Africa back in 2014 and since then my mum has been desperate to take me. Firstly to take me on Safari, but also to see all the other amazing wildlife and scenery that South Africa has to offer.

I won’t lie but I was quite nervous about going, but actually I had a fantastic time and hardly felt nervous at all while out there. I’ve decided to split up my time in South Africa in to several posts because I have so many photos I want to show you!

So our holiday was 6 nights in Cape Town, but it was cheaper to fly to Johannesburg and then do a connecting flight from Johannesburg to Cape Town (along with the connecting flights we did for Safari). I’ve done a few long-haul flights before to New York, Chicago and Bermuda, but this was the longest flight I’d ever done but thankfully as it was overnight I managed to grab a little sleep in between enjoying all of the Disney films that British Airways in-flight entertainment had to offer!


So our 11 hour flight took us in to Johannesburg, where we had a 3 hour stopover before our 2 hour flight to Cape Town. I was thankful to stretch my legs and have my first glimpse of South Africa. On our flight in to Cape Town we were treated to great views of Table Mountain.

Photo 11-01-2018, 12 20 34

One of the best ways to get around Cape Town is by hiring your own car, which is what we did, and because mum has been there twice before she knew exactly where she was going, so navigating around wasn’t an issue.

We were earlier than we thought we would be getting out of Cape Town airport so we arrived at our accommodation a bit earlier than we had originally said we would, but Judy and Shirley at Hedge House were more than happy to let us in to our room. The one thing you notice though driving from Cape Town airport to where we were staying is the difference in wealth. Driving in you see many Townships at the side of the motorway, but when we arrived where we were staying it was all houses with their 24h security and electric fences. I felt more than safe 90% of the time we were in Cape Town, but Townships are not places to venture without an organised tour, and obviously take the precautions that the guidebooks recommend.

Anyway, Hedge House was a lovely place to stay. It is a guest house rather than a hotel, where we had a large room, with its own little kitchenette (the fridge was amazing, where we could come back to cold bottles of water) and en-suite bathroom. Plus it was lovely to have a fresh bowl of fruit every day to snack on!

This is the outside of Hedge House, it was such a lovely peaceful place to stay!

Photo 16-01-2018, 18 28 20Photo 16-01-2018, 18 28 26Photo 16-01-2018, 18 31 14Photo 16-01-2018, 18 31 58

Soon after arriving I got incredibly excited by finding a Praying Mantis. The first one I’ve ever seen!

Photo 11-01-2018, 17 13 17

Anyway, we were both pretty tired having been travelling for around 24 hours with only a little sleep on the plane. Judy who owns Hedge House had booked us in to a local restaurant for dinner which was just down the road. It was quite possibly the best burger I’ve ever had! There are a few things though you notice immediately about eating out in South Africa (particularly in the less tourist hotspots), firstly, the service is excellent! The waiters literally come all the time to wipe the table, offer drinks, take plates away, they’re actually brilliant and definitely earn their 10% tip. And secondly, the food is so cheap. My burger, chips and onion rings cost 92 rand (around £5), and it was honestly the best burger I’ve had!

Photo 11-01-2018, 18 13 59

After dinner we headed back to Hedge House and fell straight asleep! So that’s all for part 1 🙂 I hope you enjoyed this post and I look forward to sharing more of my adventures with you in my next post 🙂

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