50 Questions You’ve Never Been Asked

So today I thought I’d give this tag a go after I saw Everything Me do it. Plus I thought it would give you all a chance to know me better 🙂 So here goes!

1. What’s your favourite candle scent?

That is a hard question! I like the Christmas cookie scent that Yankee candle do. But I also love the Rhubarb crumble one and black cherry. But I suppose I’ll pick Christmas cookie.

2. What female celebrity do you wish was your sister?

Maybe Zoella? She seems really cool, or even Anna Kendrick!

3. What male celebrity do you wish was your brother?

Erm, no idea! Maybe Matt Smith.

4. How old do you think you’ll be when you get married?

I’d like to hope before I’m 30!

5. Do you know a hoarder?

Yes! Me! And my mum XD

6. Can you do the splits?


7. How old were you when you learned how to ride a bike?

I’m not sure, but I think I was quite young. I remember the first time my dad took the stabilisers off my bike though.

8. How many oceans have you swam in?

Only the Atlantic Ocean.

9. How many countries have you been to?

Quite a lot, too many to count: USA, Iceland, Bermuda, Norway, and basically all of Western Europe. I’d like to go to Canada and Australia and New Zealand one day.

10. What would you name your daughter if you had one?

Amelia. I love the name 🙂

11. What would you name your son if you had one?

Jacob or Joseph

12. What’s the worst grade you got in a test?

I got a U in one of my AS level chemistry exams :O

14. What was your favourite TV show when you were a child?

I loved Blue Peter and “Dick and Dom in da Bungalow”

15. What did you dress up as on Halloween when you were eight?

Nothing. We were never allowed to do Halloween

16. Have you read any of the Harry Potter, Hunger Games or Twilight series?

Yep. I’ve read all of them.

17. Would you rather have an American accent or a British accent?

British 😀

18. Did your mother go to college?


19. Are your grandparents still married?

Both my grandmas are now dead, but they were married until they died.

20. Have you ever taken karate lessons?

Nope, but I did self defence in school.

21. Do you know who Kermit the frog is?

Of course!

22. What’s the first amusement park you’ve been to?

Probably Legoland Windsor. My grandma and grandad used to take me and my brother. I remember getting my lego driving licence.

23. What language, besides your native language, would you like to be fluent in?

I’d like to be better at German, but I’m very sad that I’ve lost most of my French.

24. Do you spell the colour as grey or gray?


25. Is your father bald?

Kind of XD

26. Do you know triplets?

Yes. We had some triplets in my class at school.

27. Do you prefer Titanic or The Notebook?

I’ve hardly watched Titanic. I’ve only watched it a couple of times. But I think I prefer the Notebook.

28. Have you ever had Indian food?

Yes, but only stuff I’ve made at home by myself. I can’t have Indian takeaway as I have a really bad nut allergy.

29. What’s the name of your favourite restaurant?

I love Pizza Express and Frankie and Benny’s

30. Have you ever been to Olive Garden?


31. Do you belong to any warehouse stores (Costco, BJ’s, etc.)?

No, but my mum has Costco membership

32. What would your parents have named you if you were the opposite gender?

I have no idea, but I know my dad wanted to call me Emma

33. If you have a nickname, what is it?

Hans – that’s what my mum calls me sometimes.

34. Who’s your favourite person in the world?

My family and best friend.

35. Would you rather live in a rural area or in the suburbs?

I prefer the city. I like having shops and things to do. But sometimes I do crave the peace.

36. Can you whistle?

Yes, but not very loud.

37. Do you sleep with a nightlight?

I do while I’m at uni, not at home though. I think I’m just a bit more unsettled at uni at night.

38. Do you eat breakfast every morning?

Yep! I have a selection of cereals in my cupboard so I can have something different every day.

39. Do you take any pills or medication daily?

Yes. Inhalers for asthma

40. What medical conditions do you have?

Asthma and a nut allergy

41. How many times have you been to the hospital?

I mean I was in and out as a child for my nut allergy quite regularly, but for other things only twice that I know of.

42. Have you ever seen Finding Nemo?

Of course! I’m a marine biologist!

43. Where do you buy your jeans?

Hollister or H&M

44. What’s the last compliment you got?

Someone telling me they’re proud of me for passing the taught component of my course with distinction.

45. Do you usually remember your dreams in the morning?

Not very often!

46. What flavour tea do you enjoy?

Just normal breakfast tea. But sometimes I enjoy a fruit tea.

47. How many pairs of shoes do you currently own?

10 maybe? I don’t have that many, that’s 10 including things like my walking boots, flip flops, and wellies.

48. What religion will you raise your children to practice?

I’d like Christianity, but at the end of the day I’d support whatever they’d want.

49. How old were you when you found out that Santa wasn’t real?

You know what, I honestly don’t remember when I realised!

50. Why do you have a blog?

I think to share my thoughts, feelings, opinions and experiences with everyone.

So there we have it! I hope you learnt a little more about me. Please do feel free to do this tag if you want to! 🙂



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