June Favourites 2017

Can you believe it’s that time again! Another month has gone and we’re now in July!

I don’t have that much to show you in my favourites this month! I’ve been busy with exams and my research project and I’ve struggled to pick some of my favourites for this month, but here are some of them 🙂

Photo 28-06-2017, 18 45 27 (1)

Let Your Dreams Set Sail Boat – I got this in Jersey while I was on holiday there last year. I love it and it kept me motivated during exams! The exam period was so long for me this year!

Apple and Mango Squash – I picked this up thinking it sounded amazing, and it tastes amazing too! BUT I didn’t realise it isn’t no added sugar. So I have to limit myself to how much I have!

Zoella Hungry Hands Hand Cream – Now I’m back in the lab I’m washing my hands so much! Labs are worrying places with chemicals/germs everywhere. So to keep my hands from drying out I’ve come back to this lovely hand cream.

Superdry Backpack – My old Superdry rucksack is now 4 years old and has served me so well. But it’s falling apart a bit and is looking quite grubby now, so I was looking for a new one. Remember when I was in Cardiff back in May? Well I saw this bag then and loved it but decided not to get it at the time because I’d have to carry it around with me all day. I thought Swansea’s Superdry store would have it! They didn’t 😦 So I went all the way back to Cardiff in the hope they may have it and thankfully they did! 😀 I love it 😀

What else have I been loving this month?

Love Island! – I mean it’s trash but addictive trash! Think Big Brother but on the beach!

DIY SOS – This show is amazing! I mean if it doesn’t restore your faith in humanity I don’t know what will!

Eat Well For Less – I love this show! It is a good way to learn tips on how to save money on your food shop, as well as picking up good recipes 🙂

The Voice Kids – If you want to see incredibly talented kids then you should really check this show out! It’s The Voice but with kids and some of the kids are amazing!!!!

Well that’s all for today! Sorry it’s a bit of a rubbish favourites this month! 😦

What have you been enjoying through June?


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