The Lottery Tag

I’ve seen fellow bloggers Cheila and Angela both do this tag, and I loved it 😀 So Cheila nominated me to do it too 🙂

The Lottery Tag was created by blogger Natalie.

Here’s how she describes her tag:

A quick synopsis of The Lottery Tag: Imagine you won the lottery. There is no set sum of money – it could be $100 or $100 million dollars – let your imagination run with it. All up for interpretation. Tell us what you would do with that money, and then tag a couple of your blogging friends to do the same. Or don’t. No need to mention me for creating it; you can if you want, but I wouldn’t mind if you didn’t.

This tag is divided into 3 categories:

  • Small Stuff
  • Big Stuff
  • Really Big Stuff

So, if I won the lottery, I would do the following:

Small Stuff:

  • Buy a new laptop
  • Buy a HP Sprocket printer
  • Get more photos printed for my scrapbook
  • Buy lots of Cath Kidston stuff
  • Buy lots of books
  • Take a photography course
  • Buy a piccolo
  • Take up oboe lessons again
  • Buy more baking equipment
  • Buy a new bed

Big Stuff:

  • Buy a car
  • Buy new bedroom furniture
  • Give some money to my parents
  • Go whale watching in Monterey Bay
  • Visit the Harry Potter place in Florida
  • Visit Disney World
  • Go to Australia and New Zealand and see the Great Barrier Reef before it’s too late

Really Big Stuff:

  • Pay off my student debt
  • Buy a house, not just any house, but one I love and can have exactly how I want it (with a reading room and a huge kitchen)
  • Go on a round the world holiday (not backpacking, but more of a luxurious round the world trip)
  • Visit the Amazon rainforest
  • Give my brother money so he can buy a house

And that’s it. That’s how I would use the money if I won the lottery 🙂

What would you spend the money on? Consider yourself nominated 🙂

See you again soon 🙂


2 thoughts on “The Lottery Tag

  1. Great picks Hannah!! I love all your travel choices! It would be amazing to snorkel around the Great Barrier Reef! Also, the Amazon rainforest is insane! I spent a week there when I visited Peru and it was really amazing 😀

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