I’m back! My post exam to do list!

So the day you read this is the day of my last exam. Which unless I fail everything dramatically, I’m hoping will be my last ever exam.

One of my blogging friends Cheila often posts her to-do lists which I enjoy reading, so today I thought I’d share with you my to-do list. 🙂

So what have I got to do? I’ve put a lot off during exam time, and my to do list has got quite long! :O

  • Clean my bathroom! I mean it isn’t gross, it’s just me who uses it, but the sink could do with a bit of a clean and the shower doors!
  • Hoover my floor (long hair problems = hair everywhere)
  • Dusting – a nice layer of dust has built up in several places in my room!
  • Change my bed sheets and do some washing
  • Filing! To be honest, this will be one of the first things I do after I get back from my exam, but I need to sort things out.
  • Empty my bins – I have so much paper from revision that I need to put in the recycling.
  • Back-up my laptop – I save important work directly to dropbox so it’s not like I’ll lose anything important, but it’s been a while since I backed up.
  • Download everything off the university system where lecturers upload work. I mean I’m paying for it, so I want to make sure I can keep it and have it for future reference.
  • Start my research project. I may have finished my exams but I’m only 50% of the way through my masters. I still have a 20,000 word dissertation to write (although it doesn’t actually have to be 20,000 words)
  • Think about going home and things I can take home for good. I’m hoping for a quick trip home at the weekend but we’ll see what happens!
  • Blog! I’ve neglected my blog (and everyone else’s) a bit the last few weeks so I need a bit of a catch up!
  • Sleep – I’m looking forward to a sleep in tomorrow morning and not having to get up to worry about revision!
  • Patch test my new shower gel – I’m one of those people who is sensitive and allergic to a lot of stuff so I need to check I’m not going to react badly to my new shower gel before I use it! I’ve held off doing this until exams are out the way.
  • Update and back-up my phone
  • Post my dad’s Father’s day card – just in case I don’t get home at the weekend.
  • Sort out my spending – I keep a spreadsheet of the money I spend so I know how much I’ve spent every month, but I’ve fallen behind on this.

I think that’s my to do list for now! I’m looking forward to being able to blog more again 😀


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