Working While Home From University

So you’ve waited all term to go home and see your family and friends, and now it’s actually come (although when you read this I’ll be back at uni – boo 😦 ). You know you have to work, but at the same time you need a break and want to catch up with family and friends. It is such a juggling act, one which I’ve struggled so much more with this holiday than previous holidays.

I always think working while home is slightly easier during the Easter holidays, for me anyway. Over Christmas everyone is home for a week between Christmas and New Year, but with Easter you’ve just got that long Easter weekend where everyone is around. Plus as my mum, dad and brother all work full time jobs I have the house to myself pretty much all day (apart from the occasional days where my mum or brother work from home).

Photo 27-04-2017, 09 25 49

I’ve loved working when I can over the Easter holidays this time. I’ve set up my “study” in the dining room where I have loads of space, the sun coming in through the doors behind me, and the newest (temporary) addition to the dining room, a sofa. Mum and dad bought new sofas for the living room but they’ve put one of the old sofas that is still in a reasonable condition in the dining room for me or my brother when we can afford to move out.

Photo 27-04-2017, 09 54 21

I won’t lie, trying to get work done while home isn’t easy. In fact it is anything but, especially in the evenings when everyone is home from work! But here are a few of my tips to get work done while home 🙂

  1. Work when you can – you never know when someone is going to turn up to see you (my grandad has a habit of doing this)! So work little and often is generally best. Plus I think they all say that little and often is best for working/revision rather than long stints!
  2. Get up early some days – If you know you’ve got lots of work to do, but also that you’re meeting friends later in the day, it can pay to get up early and get a chunk of work done early rather than get up late and not have time to do anything before going out!
  3. Pyjama Days – why waste time getting up and ready in the morning when you can just have a pyjama day and be more comfortable and productive?
  4. Find an area without distraction – I picked the dining room as there was little there to distract me, plus I could move between the table and the sofa if I wanted a change.
  5. Still have fun – you do deserve a break and the chances are you’ll be so much more focused when you get back to uni, so don’t work yourself mad. I’ve done this in the past and started revision too early! I still have a month before my first exam and 6 weeks until my last exam when I get back to uni and it is possible to start revising too early! Start too early and you get bored and fed up and struggle to motivate yourself closer to exam time! 🙂

Photo 25-04-2017, 20 09 59

I hope you enjoyed today’s post! I wasn’t too sure what to write about apart from working while home! 🙂 See you again soon 🙂


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