A Week in North Wales

On Friday 14th April I headed off to North Wales with my mum, dad and grandad for a week. I wasn’t sure whether I’d be going with them as I had so much work and coursework to do but as I’d got the bulk of it done beforehand I decided I could do with a little break from work.

We were staying in a wonderful little cottage in Trawsfynydd where the owner was so welcoming. The cottage was on a little farm and we were provided eggs from the hens and traditional Welsh bara brith on arrival. It was a great cottage, I set up a little bed upstairs on an airbed for the week whilst my mum and dad and grandad took the two bedrooms downstairs (it was an upside down cottage).


The cottage also had a little balcony/veranda where there were wonderful views of the mountains of Snowdonia National Park.


On our first day (Saturday) we went out to Aberdaron on the Llŷn peninsula, where we were treated to some wonderful views of the coast and the sea. It was a National Trust owned piece of land where we walked around the coastal paths seeing lots of sheep and lambs.


IMG_1939Sunday it rained, but not heavy rain, just that annoying drizzle. We went up to Anglesey and Bangor for a look around. It didn’t really feel like we did much apart from visiting a National Trust castle (Penrhyn castle) before crossing to Anglesey. We also visited a place with a really long name!

On the Monday me and my dad climbed up Mount Snowdon (see my post about this here), where sadly we couldn’t see anything from the top. But it was still a great achievement, and this part of Snowdonia National Park is beautiful.

The following day (Tuesday) my dad and I went to see if we could find some low flying aircraft. Some military aircraft use an area of North Wales for low flying practice and some days, if you’re lucky, you’re treated to some fantastic views of aircraft flying through what is known as the Mach Loop. You can see some of my dad’s photos hereThe views of the valley from the top were absolutely stunning.


On Wednesday we went for a ride on the Welsh Highland Railway steam train. I can’t really say I enjoyed it as it wasn’t my sort of thing. OK the scenery was nice, but we’d already driven pretty much the same route through the week! After arriving at the end town we had an hour until the train turned around to go back so I found a charity shop to pick up a book for 99p to read on the journey back! XD


Once back we went for a drive down the coast to Barmouth where I couldn’t resist a quick walk along the beach where I found some dolphins (not real ones).

Our last day in North Wales (Thursday) I decided to stay at the cottage so I could get some work done. I hadn’t managed to get much work done through the week so I decided to stay back while everyone else went to find some waterfalls not far from the cottage.

All in all it was a good week and I can’t believe where the week went! We were treated to some surprisingly good weather (considering it is North Wales) and it was nice to go away with everyone and have a break from work. The cottage was lovely and I loved that there were lambs outside the window which kept me entertained (they kept escaping from their pen and had to find their way back). I hope we can go back one day as I want to climb Snowdon in better weather again! 😀 If you’re looking for a place to stay in North Wales I really do recommend the cottage we stayed at (I left the link at the top), and the lady who owns it was so friendly and knowledgeable about what we could do in the area.



4 thoughts on “A Week in North Wales

  1. I live in North Wales and I especially love it when people not from here appreciate the sites and views. Thanks for sharing, really interesting seeing what you managed to fit into a week!

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