Climbing Mount Snowdon!

Climbing Mount Snowdon had always appealed to me, just so I could say I’d done it, but also because I knew how much of an achievement it would have felt! I’d fancied climbing it for a while but a holiday to North Wales with mum and dad seemed like the perfect opportunity to do so!

I’ve never climbed a mountain before (well not really) but I know it’s important to be well prepared so I’d done a bit of research about what I needed to take with me, and this was what was in my bag:

  • 2 L of water
  • Dry bag with spare fleece and leggings
  • Map of mount Snowdon and compass
  • Lunch (including mars bars)
  • Waterproof trousers
  • Wooly hat and gloves
  • First aid kit
  • Waterproof bag cover
  • Blister plasters
  • Camera
  • Portable charger for my phone

It sounds excessive? Maybe, but I wanted to be prepared!

For those of you who don’t know, Mount Snowdon is a 1,085 m high mountain in North Wales, and is the tallest mountain in England and Wales. Climbing up and down is supposed to take around 6 hours and is about 10 miles of walking (I think!), sounds like a long way but actually it wasn’t so bad! πŸ™‚

We took the Llanberis path up Snowdon, which is otherwise known as the “motorway”. It is supposed to be the easiest of the paths up Snowdon, as it follows the train track (which you can get up to the top during the summer months).

So at 10:10 am my dad and I set off for the summitΒ of Mount Snowdon, wow the first part of the walk was steep! But once we made it on to the main path it was quite a gentle, easy walk until we reached half way.


We found a little cafe half way up the route, we stopped briefly for a snack and a drink (from our own supplies, not bought from the cafe) before carrying on.


After we passed the cafe the path started to get pretty steep again. It wasn’t too bad, but when you’re only short and have short legs it was quite a lot of effort for me!


Then finally we reached Clogwyn station, which was 3/4 of the way up. Where we met my mum and grandad who had come up this far on the train. The train runs to Clogwyn at this time of year but no further. At this point I started to get quite disappointed, as before we’d set off the weather forecast was showing as 95% chance of a clear summit and very good visibility. But when we got here the cloud was low and seemed to be closing in and it didn’t look good.



Still, we kept going and the next bit was so steep and hard! My heel was hurting and my hip and dad said “do you want to give up”. I am not one to give up! I was less than 1km from the top and I’d come this far! I wasn’t giving up!

After another 45 minutes of walking we finally reached the summit! I was almost in tears as I phoned mum from the top. I was so proud of myself! We couldn’t see anything though which was so disheartening but one day I’ll do it again when the weather looks better!

We made it to the top in 3h 15 mins, which when we stopped for around 10 minutes to see mum and grandad is pretty good going!


It was incredibly cold at the top! So we didn’t stop for too long, maybe half an hour? Enough for a few photos and a quick bite to eat before starting our descent. You’d think that going down would be easier? Well remember those steep bits I said about? Yeah they really hurt to go down, you needed to concentrate and because of the steepness my knees started to hurt and my toes!

When we got back down to Clogwyn we suddenly came out of the cloud, which was disappointing, but so welcoming as it got warmer again!


We kept heading down and stopped at the little cafe this time for a hot chocolate and to use the toilet. It was a lovely, basic little cafe but such a welcome break.

We finally made it back down in less than 6 hours from setting off. Considering the recommended time is 6hours return and we did it in less than 6 including our stops I’m pretty proud of myself!

My feet hurt and my knees hurt but all I had to show was one tiny blister! When we got back to the car, mum was waiting with a little present for me. She’d bought me a little teddy and mug.

Photo 21-04-2017, 20 03 33

On the way back to our cottage for the night we stopped at the viewpoint of Snowdon, where I couldn’t not have my photo taken!


All in all I am pretty proud of my achievement! Yes OK, I think almost anyone could climb Snowdon, but a few years ago I could never have seen myself do it! The next couple of days my knees hurt and my calf, but hey I did it and the pain was totally worth it!


12 thoughts on “Climbing Mount Snowdon!

  1. This is such a huge accomplishment!! You’ve literally climbed a mountain πŸ™‚ The pictures look gorgeous, and I think that the teddy bear is MORE than deserved for all of your hard work. I remember when I went hiking in Banff that my calves ached for days after when they hadn’t given me any trouble during the actual hikes- the body is a mysterious thing… Thank you for sharing your adventure with us!!

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