36 Hours in Oslo

Last year I was lucky enough to head out to Norway for a week. One of my friends who I went to university with is from Norway and last year I went to visit her.

It was quite daunting as it was the first time I’ve travelled solo to another country. I’d been on school/university trips abroad without my parents and while in Newcastle I often flew home. And although I was meeting my friend at Oslo airport this was the first time I’d travelled away on my own!

My friend lives in the South of Norway, not far from the Swedish border, and that’s where I stayed for the majority of my week. But we did manage to spend 2 days in Oslo 🙂

Early on the morning of Saturday 2nd April we got the coach to Oslo. It took about 2 hours and as soon as we arrived we headed to the hotel where we were staying that night to drop off our bags so we could explore without worrying about them!

We were incredibly lucky that we managed to book a Scandic hotel which was pretty central in Oslo so everything was close, plus it included an all you can eat breakfast – I think it cost us about £80 for a night, but that was split between two of us 🙂

Our first day was spent wandering around, exploring Oslo. We decided to buy a 48 h Oslo pass for our time in Oslo. It cost around £50, but it gave us entry to loads of places in Oslo, like the Museums, as well as discounted public transport use and discounts in restaurants and shops etc.

We wandered up to the Palace from our hotel and had a look round the National Theatre and Palace.IMG_3305

After visiting the Palace we headed back up the main shopping street towards the Opera House. I couldn’t go to Oslo and not visit the Opera House! Sadly it was raining and a bit miserable but we made the most of it!


After this we headed towards the castle, where our Oslo Pass allowed us to wander around and see some great views from here. Plus there was a nice little museum to visit!


We walked back towards the docks and visited the Nobel Peace Centre before heading out on for a boat trip of Oslo Fjord! The Fjord Cruise seemed like a great idea, but we both got so cold!


We then went for dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe which was great and a short walk from our hotel.

The next day we got up and had a wonderful breakfast! We absolutely loved the waffle machine the hotel had!

We paid a quick visit to the City Hall (which was free to visit) before getting the boat over to the museum Peninsula.

The peninsula has some fantastic museums on it. We visited the Viking Museum and the Norwegian Folk Museum (an open air museum) both of which were fascinating. I loved the Folk Museum, it was lovely and quiet and plenty of old Norwegian buildings to look at!

We decided to get the boat to its next stop by the Fram Museum and the Kon-Tiki museum. I loved both these Museums. We spent ages in the Fram Museum, and while the Kon-Tiki museum didn’t take us so long to look around we enjoyed both of them!


We had a great time in Oslo and I only wish we had more time to visit everywhere else! The only thing is, Oslo proved how expensive Norway can be! I spent £10 on a Chicken Nugget Meal from McDonalds! :O

All in all I’d thoroughly recommend Oslo as somewhere to visit. It has such a fascinating history and I really hope to visit again one day! 🙂


6 thoughts on “36 Hours in Oslo

  1. It looks like you had a great time! I’ve always wanted to visit Oslo, although I have heard it’s quite pricey :/ I was in Stockholm in February and it was so expensive as well, my dad rented a car and he even ended up with a parking ticket because he parked facing the wrong direction, can you believe it? 😂 x

    • Haha that’s so funny! Oslo was really expensive. I spent more in the 2 days I was in Oslo than the rest of the time I was in Norway! It’s apparently because they’re all paid more so everything is more expensive. But I don’t think our Hard Rock Cafe was unreasonably priced though – I think it was like £4 for unlimited fizzy drink and maybe £10 or so for a burger. I think you could do pretty much all of Oslo in 3 days. It would be a busy 3 days but would bring the costs down! Expensive but a great place!

  2. Travelling alone, even for just a flight, can seem very daunting. Good on you 😄
    These photos are beautiful, I love visiting museums. I try to stop by a few whenever I visit somewhere new 😃

  3. Wow great post! I visited Stockholm in February and ever since Ive been wanting to see more scandinavian cities 😍 Oslo is definitely on the list!

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