The Blue Sky Tag

At the weekend GLÜCKSGEIST nominated me for the Blue sky tag . Thank you! You should all check out her blog because she posts some pretty cool things.
The rules are:

  • Thank the person who nominated you.
  • Answer the 11 questions.
  • Tag 11 people.
  • Give them 11 questions to answer.

1.What did you dream last night?

I dreamt about being back at university in my second year flat with my friends.

2.Who is your favourite actress at the moment?

Emelia Fox

3.Which movie are you looking forward to see in the cinema?

Beauty and the Beast

4.What made you smile today?

Talking to a friend

5.Do you know any German words or sentences?

I do, I studied German for 7 years and have both a GCSE and A level in German.

6.Which language would you like to speak?

Spanish I think… Or improve my French.

7.Are you a fruit or vegetables person?

Both. I like eating both 😀

8.Which is your favourite disney movie?

I can’t pick a favourite?! So going to say Finding Nemo and Monsters Inc.

9.What is your favourite emoji?

That one with the hands over the face (that looks a bit like a monkey)

10. Instagram or Twitter?

I use both, but starting to use Instagram a little more these days.

11. Who is your favourite youtuber?

I only really watch Zoella, and I’ve started to watch Nikki Lilly a bit too… Oh and Tom and Gi Fletcher and Carrie (sometimes).

Thanks again to GLÜCKSGEIST for nominating me. I’m really sorry that I’m not nominating anyone individually or making some questions up to answer, but I’ve been feeling ill the last couple of days and just wanted to get a post up while trying to get my uni work done. 😦  But I nominate anyone who reads this post. 🙂


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