February Favourites 2017

Today’s post is all about my favourites from February! They aren’t necessarily new things that I’ve only  just discovered, but are things I’ve enjoyed using during February. 🙂


Body Shop Strawberry Body Butter – This stuff smells amazing and leaves you smelling of strawberries for ages! It isn’t that greasy either, it does take a few moments to sink in, but it feels really hydrating. The only thing is it can be quite expensive, but thankfully Body Shop almost always have offers on 🙂


Zoella Hungry Hands Hand Cream – I really like this hand cream. It smells good (although sometimes a little sickly if used too often!), and the best thing is that it isn’t overly greasy and a little goes a long way!


Body Shop Ginger Anti Dandruff Shampoo – I don’t *really* get dandruff, I just have a small patch at the front of my head that is a bit dry and sometimes really bugs me, and when it does I use this. I’ve tried Head and Shoulders shampoo before but I found it to be really horrible on my hair. This stuff is pretty good. I use it before using my normal shampoo, I don’t like the smell that much but it definitely works!


Vaseline Intensive Care Aloe Lotion – As I suffer from eczema a bit I get quite dry skin (that doesn’t quite need the intensiveness of my eczema cream) this stuff is great. It isn’t greasy, smells lovely and sinks in to your skin really well. It is probably my favourite moisturiser. Plus it is actually really gentle (and so perfect to use after shaving)!


Tangle Teezer Ultimate Finishing Brush – I’ve spoken about this brush before and I absolutely love it. Its great for those little knots and as I’ve worn my hair down quite a bit this month I’ve really appreciated its ability to detangle my hair!


My Kindle! – Yes OK, I’ve had this ages and I’ve always gone on about how I’m not really a fan of kindles, but I’ve really appreciated it this month. I’ve found it so nice to read with when laying in bed. Who knew how great it would be to be able to lay in bed and read one handed while snuggled under your duvet?!


Berol Verithin Colouring Pencils – I actually only got these on Monday, and I bought them for doing one of my uni reports (a Phase 1 Habitat Survey Map), and they’re brilliant. They give a great colour with very little pressure and may even use them for my colouring books now!


My Cath Kidston x Mickey Mouse Pen – I never used to like writing with chunky pens, but this pen is great and really nice to write with 😀


Call the Midwife – I absolutely love this show and I’m loving settling down to watch it on a Sunday evening at the moment! 🙂

The Jump – Yes, OK, it’s one of *those* shows. But I’ve come to love it and it does have some quite well known celebrities on it, and its good fun!

So there you have it, my favourites for February 🙂 I’d love to know what your favourites are, so link me to yours if you’ve done a post like this! 🙂



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