One Wish in Manhattan

As you may or may not have already guessed I’m a sucker for chicklit/romance type books… especially ones set in New York! So when I saw Glücksgeist was reading it this month for her book club I couldn’t help myself but have a look in to it. It sounded just like the sort of book I would read, and even better it was part of Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited/Lending Library… So I could effectively rent it for as long as I wanted on my Kindle! Awesome!

Hayley is a single parent, and mother to a pretty cool 9 year old daughter (Angel) after a one night stand in New York. Angel is an intelligent 9 year old though and all she wants this Christmas is to find her dad. With Hayley’s brother living in New York, Hayley decides to take Angel to New York for Christmas to visit her uncle… and to search for Angel’s dad. But as much as Hayley tries she has little luck finding Angel’s father, and a certain billionaire, Oliver Drummond comes in to her life and wants to help Hayley fulfil her wish of finding Angel’s father. But will Hayley find love and her daughter’s father while in New York?

I have to say I was incredibly skeptical picking up this book as I’d never heard of the author (Mandy Baggot) before so I had no idea whether this book was going to be any good. I won’t lie it took me a little bit of time to get in to it, but then once I was in I couldn’t stop reading. This book was awesome! I really really loved it, such a lovely little story with great characters and a very unpredictable plot to it! In fact, I loved it so much I really wish there could be a sequel to it, and I could quite happily go back and read it all again right now.

Basically this book was brilliant, and I’m so glad I took a chance with it. I can’t wait to read more of Mandy Baggot’s books (I’ve already eyed up the next one to read) in the future.

If you love chicklit/romance books, and books set in New York, especially at Christmas, then this book is for you! 😀


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