Getting Up When You’re Down

I was in two minds whether to write this, as I didn’t want my blog to seem like a negative place and it is quite personal, but with this post I kind of wanted to show that I’m only human and maybe help a few people out in the process.

You know when lots of bad things all seem to happen together? One bad thing rolls in to another, then another… and it gets you down. Not just a little upset, but to the point where you have to really make the effort to pick yourself up again.

I am by no means a negative person, but I’m not afraid to admit that I suffer a little from anxiety, so when things go wrong, often I think of all the worst possible scenarios, dwell on the situation(s) and struggle to pick myself up again. This happened to me a couple of weeks ago where everything seemed to be going wrong and I found myself struggling to keep my head above the water!

But instead of rambling on about that I wanted to share with you some of my tips on how to pick yourself up when you’re down or feeling anxious.

1. Tell Someone

I honestly can’t stress that enough. You should always have someone you can go to who you can tell how you’re feeling… not just that but knowing they’ll listen to you and help you and not judge you! I’m lucky in that I’m incredibly close to my parents and they’re always there to talk to, but it doesn’t have to be family, it can be friends too. 🙂

2. Surround yourself with things that make you happy

It may be your favourite chocolate (OK, but don’t eat it all day every day, because that’s not healthy!), favourite films, music, tea/hot chocolate, or even teddies. Do something that you know will cheer you up and take your mind off things. I personally like to put on films that make me feel like I can achieve anything – like the Eddie the Eagle film (it’s an amazing film – go see it if you haven’t!). I also like to look back through scrapbooks I’ve made to remind myself of great things that have happened.

3. Take “me” time

Take time to look after yourself. If that means you need a day away from working or whatever it is do it. Your wellbeing is far more important than writing up a lecture or doing that piece of work. I don’t mean ignore it forever, but make sure you look after yourself.

4. Think of the positives 

When you’re ready to face things again, try to think on the flip side of why these things happened and what good can come of it. Maybe you’ll get stronger from it, maybe you’ll learn not to do something again, positives can definitely come from it. For example, I was hoping to do my scientific research project on dolphins in Scotland over the summer, but that all fell through. I was gutted as I’d spent a lot of time and effort trying to sort it out… then the opportunity to work with a highly endangered species or penguins came up, so really it’s not all that bad!

5. Accept what has happened

I know that isn’t necessarily a great bit of advice, and it may take a while to accept what has happened. But I find acceptance an important step in moving on. Some people may just be able to think “so this happened, cool let’s carry on as normal”, but some people, like myself may take a few days to actually accept what has happened and decide to move on. Move on when you’re ready. Don’t feel like you have to move on within 24h, everyone comes to terms with things in their own time and only you can decide when it is time to accept it and move on. I fully understand that accepting it and moving on is not easy, but it will happen when you’re ready and you’ll be able to face the world again.

Sorry if that seemed like a bit of a depressing and long post today. But I wanted to share some of my advice for when the world seems to be getting on top of you, hopefully it will be useful for someone out there! 🙂



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