What’s in My Bag – Travel Edition

I’m heading home this weekend for my grandad’s 90th birthday so I thought I’d take the opportunity to show you what’s in my bag for going home. I really enjoy the “what’s in my bag” type posts so thought I’d start off with this one! 🙂

Firstly you’ll probably notice that I’m a bit Cath Kidston obsessed 😀


Starting with the bag itself. This is actually the first time that I’ll be using this bag as I got it for Christmas. Last year Cath Kidston did a couple of collaborations with Disney, and my bag is from the Cath Kidston x Mickey Mouse range. It is the “Mickey in London Multi-Pocket Backpack“.


OK it is a bit expensive, but the material it is made from is really good quality. It also has 3 pockets, a main pocket, a front pocket and a separate pocket at the back for a laptop (although I’m not actually taking my laptop home with me this time).


I have my Kindle (a 3G Kindle Keyboard version) as at the moment there are 2 books on there that I want to read.

My purse and a ticket holder (with my train tickets in) both from Cath Kidston.

My keys for home.


My medications plus some paracetamol, travel sickness tablets and some hand gel. I generally carry this in my rucksack rather than in my little suitcase as I can’t really afford for it to get lost. Also as I have a severe nut allergy I need my epi-pens and anti-histamine tablets accessible at all times.

My little snail teddy (who goes everywhere with me) given to me by my best friend.


Headphones! These are pretty new and I’m still getting used to them, but they’re also from Cath Kidston (Painted Pansies Printed Headphones)

I have a portable charger . This one is an Anker one. It has enough power to re-charge my phone twice. I sometimes play games on my phone when travelling, so find it useful to have a way of charging my phone should the battery get low. (I can’t find this model to link it).

I also have my iPod. This is a little iPod nano. It is only 8GB so I can’t fit masses of music on it, but it is good enough for what I use it for. I generally keep my iPod in the little case it is sat on along with a pair of iPhone headphones.


I have my iPad. It is an iPad Air 32GB. I quite often download things off SkyGo/Amazon video to watch on the train. It is in a Cath Kidston x Mickey Mouse iPad case, also a Christmas present. It is a great case, really good quality and has a 2 way stand useful for typing/watching films. When I’m travelling I also put it in a more protective zip case (again from Cath Kidston) to make sure it doesn’t get damaged.

And finally, I have a selection of chargers which I keep in this Cath Kidston x Mickey Mouse pouch. I generally just take the cables that I need for my kindle/iPad/phone/iPod along with this Anker multi-USB charger. Just having that multi-charger means I don’t have to take loads of different plugs when I go home/travelling, as this one charges 5 USB things at once just through one power socket.

So that’s all that is in my bag to go home (although I might add some lunch/snacks for the journey).  Like I said I’m pretty in love with Cath Kidston stuff, and yes it is expensive BUT it is such good quality and lasts really well.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope to have another one for you soon 🙂


5 thoughts on “What’s in My Bag – Travel Edition

  1. We almost travel with the exact same things!! I usually switch out travel sickness for sinus tablets (I have terrible sinuses, and infections can appear in half a day 😦 ), but it can’t hurt to have a little of everything, quite frankly. Planes/trains/buses/metros are germ pressure cookers!

    I could not love all of your Cath Kidston x Mickey Mouse in London collection more- I’m still on the hunt for something from the range!! I will keep dreaming 🙂

    • I’m obsessed with all the Cath Kidston Disney stuff. It’s expensive but it’s so lovely and I know I’d only kick myself if i didn’t get it, it was supposed to be limited edition like the Winnie the Pooh stuff but they still have a lot of stock. Keep an eye though I’m planning to do a post about my favourite Cath Kidston stuff at some point 🙂

      I don’t really get travel sick, the only time I do is if I end up with a backwards facing seat on the train. But I take the tablets with me because you can never be too sure!

  2. Happy (late) Birthday to your Grandad! I love this post, I think it’s because I’m a nosy person and want to know what’s in other peoples bags! I also love Cath Kidston but sometimes it’s just a little too expensive!

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