Mini Shopping Trip

This morning I decided to have a little trip in to town. I don’t often go shopping (apart from to buy my food from Tesco every week), but today I decided I wanted to get out and have a little shop. And by little I mean little as I’m a student and money is tight! 😦

So first up I popped in to Primark. Since becoming a student Primark has become my go to store for pyjamas, T-shirts and homeware. I went in today to have a look at their homeware as I bought this cute little Minnie Mouse plaque back in October and wanted to see if they had anything else to add to my pin-board! photo-06-02-2017-13-29-52

Although I didn’t find anything similar I did manage to find some pyjama tops. My room at university is ridiculously hot most of the time, which can make night time unbearable. Soon after I moved here and I first noticed the problem I tried to get some (cheap) pyjama vest tops but of course it was the wrong time of year to be shopping for them, but when I went to Primark today I picked these tops up.


OK, so the lace trim isn’t really my thing, but I figured for £2.50 each I couldn’t go too wrong! Plus I loved the colours.

My next, and last purchases were from Superdrug. I’ve been watching my hand gel slowly run down and decided it was time to pick up a replacement, as well as this I wanted to get a mini Impulse spray to carry around in my bag, and as it was in Superdrug’s 3 for £3 I decided to pick up some hand wipes and some toothpaste. I didn’t really *need* them, but I have a little wash bag for short trips away and tend to carry small toothpaste in there. I don’t usually use Sensodyne but I wanted to get good value for my £3 deal so picked the most expensive toothpaste!


Finally I bought some cotton wool pads. Because of the weather we’ve had my face has become quite dry, and although I often just rub the moisturiser in using my fingers I decided to try using cotton wool pads to do the job.

I hope you enjoyed this post 🙂 Do you like to use travel minis for trips?


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