Girl Online: Going Solo

Having finished both Girl Online and Girl Online: On Tour I decided to carry on reading the series while it was all fresh in my mind still.

I debated long and hard about whether to buy the Kindle edition of this book for £2.99, or whether to splash out £6.50 on the physical copy! Because I’m a bit obsessive with my bookcase I decided that I’d like the physical book so I could put the series together on my bookcase 😀

Noah has disappeared from the face of the Earth leaving Penny to carry on without him. As Penny starts to get used to his absence, Callum falls in to her life providing Penny the opportunity to move on. Penny also makes a new friend, Posey who is studying at the same drama school as Penny’s friend Megan. But will Noah feel ready to return to the “real world”?

I enjoyed this book, however it definitely wasn’t my favourite of the three books in the series. I think I just hoped to see more Penny and Noah adventures and not just Penny getting on with her life. Don’t get me wrong, I love Penny as a character and liked where this book was heading, but I love Noah and Penny more 🙂

Again, I think Zoe Sugg does a great job in this book of highlighting some of the issues facing her target audience (teenagers), from bitchy friends, to family issues to boyfriend issues. But like the other two books it does a great job of emphasising the importance of friends and family when everything else in your life isn’t going how you might hope!

I haven’t got much to say tonight, apart from I loved it and wish we could have more in the future! But I’m going to leave you with one of my favourite quotes from the book.

“… everything happens for a reason, so whatever downs you may encounter, the ups will even them out – and everything will work out in the end.”


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