Blogmas Day 20 – Books of 2016

Today’s Blogmas will take you through some of my favourite books that I’ve read in 2016. They aren’t books that have necessarily come out this year but books that I’ve enjoyed reading.

Last year I managed to read 52 books, and I wanted to match that target this year. But to date I’ve only managed 38 books. But I’m hoping to make it 40 by the end of the year.

So this year I’ve read:

  1. Harry Potter – The Creature Vault
  2. Harry Potter – Magical Places from the Films
  3. Meet me in Manhattan
  4. Harry Potter Film Wizardry
  5. Baby at the Beach Cafe
  6. The Reason I Jump
  7. Doctor Turner’s Casebook (A book to accompany Call the Midwife)
  8. One Night in Italy
  9. A Parcel for Anna Browne
  10. A Year of Taking Chances
  11. The Secrets of Happiness
  12. Recipe for Life (Mary Berry Autobiography)
  13. Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone – Illustrated Edition
  14. Travelling to Infinity
  15. The Story of Tracy Beaker
  16. Always with Love
  17. New Guard
  18. The Nightmare of Black Island
  19. Can You Keep a Secret
  20. The Dare Game
  21. A Cottage by the Sea
  22. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child
  23. Everything, Everything
  24. The Sky is Everywhere
  25. The Cosy Teashop in the Castle
  26. Vicky Angel
  27. A Compromising Position
  28. Harry Potter – The Artefact Vault
  29. Fantastic Mr Fox
  30. Walking the Nile
  31. A Place to Call Home
  32. Fangirl
  33. The Cosy Christmas Tea Shop
  34. We Were on a Break
  35. Welcome to the Real World
  36. Me Before You
  37. The Christmasaurus
  38. The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time

It is hard to pick favourites from all of these as I’ve enjoyed most of them!

A Recipe For Life – Mary Berry


I’ve grown up with the name “Mary Berry” and I knew she was a cook as we have recipe books at home. But it was only when I discovered “The Great British Bake Off” that I too came to love her. I loved reading this book as it gives a real insight into Mary Berry and her life. It was definitely a great read that I’d recommend anyone who has come to know her through the Bake Off.

Always with Love 

Photo 12-06-2016, 21 39 49

I love Giovanna Fletcher’s Books. I adored Billy and Me and I was so excited that were getting a sequel to it. If you love chick-lit books I can’t recommend “Billy and Me” and “Always with Love” enough.

The Cosy Tea Shop in the Castle

Photo 05-09-2016, 11 19 18

Again, this was another great chick-lit book and I loved it and the sequel.

What books have you read this year? Have you got any suggestions for books to read in 2017?


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