Blogmas Day 17 – Doctor Who Christmas Specials

I used to absolutely love Doctor Who, but the last couple of series have just been a bit rubbish so I’ve lost a bit of interest in it, but I still enjoy some of the earlier series. So in today’s Blogmas I thought I’d tell you my favourite 3 Doctor Who christmas specials.

The Christmas Invasion


The Christmas Invasion is definitely my favourite Doctor Who Christmas special. I mean who doesn’t love a spinning Christmas tree and robot santas?!

“It’s Christmas Eve and high above London, the alien Sycorax holding the Earth for ransom. The Tenth Doctor must recover from his regeneration in time to save the human race from slavery.”

The Snowmen


This episode is great and I really enjoyed it… In fact I might have to go and watch it again now 😀

“After losing Amy Pond and Rory Williams, the Eleventh Doctor has retired to Victorian England, where Strax, Jenny Flint, and Vastra assist him. The Doctor eventually meets Clara Oswald, and takes a liking to the young barmaid who leads a double life as a governess. At the same time, a sinister plot is unfolding; snowmen are randomly appearing around London, growing in size and power. All they need to take over the world is some human DNA in ice crystal form, and the frozen body of a drowned governess can give them just that.”

The Runaway Bride


I think what makes this episode so great is Catherine Tate. It is just great fun and I love it!

“Killer Santas, exploding baubles, an alien spaceship shaped like a giant star — Christmas with the Tenth Doctor is anything but a silent night…”

I’m sorry it’s only another short and quick one today! Hopefully I’ll write some more interesting ones for you soon!


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