Blogmas Day 15 – My Christmas Day

Christmas day in our house has been the same for as long as I remember. It goes something like this…

Get up and open presents (although the time this happens has got later and later now me and my brother are older)! In the last few years it has been me getting up first, waking mum, dad and my brother up, going downstairs, making everyone a cup of tea and then sorting the presents out from under the tree. Then we open our presents. 

Dad then goes off bell ringing while mum starts the dinner and generally we’ll go to church if everything is under control at home.

Then my grandad and uncle (my dad’s brother and dad) get to us for 12 and its traditional that our Christmas dinner is served at 1… but that’s been getting later the last couple of years XD 

After lunch we open family presents, so presents from my grandad/aunt/uncle/grandad and then they all usually fall asleep… Or last year I think we played a couple of games of Linkee… or sometimes we play articulate. 

Then we take my cousins dogs for a little walk before coming back for “tea” which is just sort of crisps, sausage rolls, breadsticks, dips etc. Because everyone is so stuffed after a big lunch. 

Then everyone leaves and I usually watch the Christmas “Call the Midwife” and “Doctor Who”.

What is your Christmas day like?


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