Blogmas Day 11 – Things to do Before Christmas

So I’ve started to get behind a little bit on scheduling these blogmas posts as my uni work is getting in the way, so today I’d tell you about some of the things to get done before Christmas

1. 6,000 word literature review 

A week today my final piece of work for this term of my masters is due in – it is a 6,000 word literature review (on penguins), and it is taking up a lot of my time!

2. Revision

In January I have 2 exams to take and I’d quite like to get most of my “revision” notes done before Christmas… But I haven’t even had a chance to get any of this done yet!

3. Christmas shopping

Although I now have the presents for my mum, dad and brother, I still have several people to buy for. I’ve been quite lazy this year and for ease done most of my Christmas shopping online. But I’m still struggling for ideas for a couple of people!

4. Packing

I need to pack what I need for 3 weeks back home for Christmas too

5. Chores

Like washing and cleaning, hoovering and dusting… They’re all stacking up as I’ve been too busy to do them.

That’s a little insight into what I’ve got to get done at the moment! I’m sorry it’s so dull today I’ll try and make tomorrow’s better!


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