Blogmas Day 8 – Christmassy Clothes

Aside from my Christmas jumper I have a few other items of clothing/bedding that come out at Christmas

Penguin slippers

I bought these slippers a couple of months ago from Marks and Spencers because I thought they were totally adorable!


Penguin jumper 

I bought this jumper from Cath Kidston last year, it is so lovely and warm BUT it is a cashmere jumper so it is a bit awkward to wash!


Winter Pyjamas

Again from Cath Kidston these pyjama bottoms are so warm and comfy!


Polar Bear Duvet Cover

Again bought from Marks and Spencers. It was too adorable to resist!


Monty the Penguin Duvet Cover

This Monty the Penguin duvet cover is incredibly special to me. 2 years ago (on 16th December 2014) we lost my nan. And my grandad told me the story of how insistent she had been that she wanted to get me this duvet cover not long before she died. Apparently she went on and on and on about it until my grandad finally gave in and let her buy it!




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