Blogmas Day 7 – Festive Drinks

One of the best parts of Christmas for me used to be going to Costa to buy a Black Forest Hot Chocolate…. But I’m gutted this year as they’ve changed the recipe so they use a syrup that now contains almond… And having a nut allergy means I can’t have it…. Gutted!

But today I’ll show you some of my favourite Christmas drinks!

So first up is this new Ribena Winter Spice I found in the shops this week! It tastes absolutely amazing! I haven’t had “normal” Ribena in a long time that I can’t tell how different it is to normal Ribena but I think it has got a hint of wintery spice to it! Its such a lovely drink that you add boiling water to.


Secondly is this Options Orange Hot chocolate. I also love the mint hot chocolate but they just feel so Christmassy and are perfect for warming up on a cold day!


Finally is my own version of Black Forest hot chocolate. Using the blackberry and cherry syrup from Monin and the Cadburys hot chocolate that you stir into hot milk makes a lovely warming Black Forest hot chocolate. Ok it isn’t the same as going to Costa for one but it is still great! 😀


Have you got any favourite festive drinks?


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