The Christmasaurus

I’d been hesitant about buying “The Christmasaurus” for a while and had been debating about buying it as it is a children’s book, but in the end I could resist no more and decided to buy it.

William Trundle is a lovely young boy. Of course he is on Santa’s “good children” list. However William is different. William is wheelchair bound and up until now he wouldn’t have anything any different. He loves his life… until the new girl comes and picks on him.

Many miles away in the North Pole, Santa’s elves uncover a dinosaur egg, and together they hatch it and name the dinosaur “The Christmasaurus”. William really wants a dinosaur this year but will his dream come true?

I loved this book, and most of all I loved the illustrations within it. Who cares that I’m 23 and reading a book aimed at 8 year olds… It was great! Definitely put me in a Christmas mood! I don’t think I can say too much more without giving the story away apart from it was brilliant and I loved it!

Sorry it’s only a short one this time! Hopefully I’ll manage to get in at least one more book before the end of 2016!


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