Welcome to the Real World

I am absolutely loving Carole Matthews’ books at the moment, mainly because they’re so easy to read. The short chapters make it easy to get lost and feel like you’re reading loads, but also allowing you to find good places to stop.

Next up was “Welcome to the Real World”. I’m so glad I found Carole Matthews after reading “The Cake Shop in the Garden” last year!

Fern works in a run-down pub in the middle of London and also lives in an equally run-down apartment. Fern is badly paid but being selfless she gives whatever money she can to her brother and her sick nephew.

Then her best friend Carl sets Fern up with a job interview and much to Fern’s surprise she gets the job as an assistant to a world-famous opera singer, Evan David. But the relationship suddenly becomes more than Evan David wants and he pushes Fern away. Fern enters the Fame Game talent show but will she stick it out? Particularly when she finds out that Evan is one of the judges.

“Welcome to the Real World” was a great book, and I loved the characters, and small tiny changes in the plot kept you thinking and guessing throughout. I definitely got fooled near the end!

I, like I’ve noticed many other people comment, am slightly confused as to the title. Is it referring to Fern entering Evan’s real world, or is it Even entering Fern’s “real world”, even then I’m not sure how much of a real world it is for either of them!

All in all this was a great book and I can’t wait to read more of Carole Matthews’ books!


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