We Were on a Break

I love Lindsey Kelk’s books and again I was really excited for her latest novel. This time I picked it up in Tesco rather than Amazon and I couldn’t wait to get going.

Liv has been on holiday with Adam. Adam’s brother is married to Liv’s best friend, Cassie. Cassie lets slip to Liv that he was planning to propose on the last day of their holiday in Mexico… But it all goes wrong. Adam wimps out of proposing and the disastrous holiday comes to an end with Adam telling Liv that he “needs a break”.

Adam knows he has messed up and tries to get Liv back… But now she needs a break from Adam’s unusual behaviour and the situation he has put them in. With the chasm between Adam and Liv growing every day, and Adam’s brother stirring things up, can they ever find a way back to each other?

All in all We Were on a Break was a good book, and Kelk does not fail to disappoint. I can’t say this book was as good as the other books that Kelk has written but it was still enjoyable. I loved Liv and Adam (to begin with) before he went all funny on Liv and he made me hate him and side with Liv… and then I started to get a soft spot for him as he tried to win Liv back. As usual Lindsey Kelk has crafted wonderful characters and I love that you almost fall in to the story with them.

The storyline was great, not overly predictable like many chick lits can be and I honestly began to wonder if this was going to stray from stereotypes and not have an happy every after!

All in all this was another great book, the only thing I didn’t like was how long some of the chapters were, but you can’t really complain about that!

I look forward to Lindsey Kelk’s next book… Please can we have Angela back?! 🙂


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