I picked up “Fangirl” back in the summer after seeing it in the Zoella WH Smith book club and decided to give it a try. I won’t lie, I found this book a bit weird in its format but overall I did enjoy it.

Cath and Wren are identical twins, and do absolutely everything together… until they go to University. Wren decides she wants a change and heads off without Cath, fully embracing college life, meeting boys, going to parties, getting drunk. But Cath struggles no end to find her feet at College, particularly when several boys turn up in her life confusing Cath no end.

But is Cath ready for all the changes that lay ahead of her?

“Fangirl” was a pretty good book and I really enjoyed it. Cath writes fanfiction on her two favourite characters Simon and Baz, and throughout the story we are provided with snippets of Cath’s writing on their adventures as well as writings from the “real” Simon and Baz adventures. Now don’t get me wrong, in some places these snippets of Cath’s writing play a vital part in the story but the snippets at the end of every single chapter really annoyed me and made no sense to me, so in the end I just ended up skipping them… As I did with some of the other writing of Cath’s in the book. I have no doubt that the author intended them to add to the story but for me they didn’t and I could have read the book happily without all these excerpts.

The characters were mostly good, and as many stories do some of the characters grew on me as the book went on, particularly Cath’s room-mate Regan. The storyline was pretty good, following the life of someone moving off to university away from all she has known before and how it all takes a toll on her and how everything starts to change as she finds her feet. Plus there were several good twists to the plot which kept you guessing.

All in all Fangirl was a great book which I mostly enjoyed (apart from the fan-fic bits) and I would recommend it to anyone who loves a good romance story.


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