A Place to Call Home

I picked up “A Place to Call Home” over the summer in Amazon’s 3 for £10 deal on paperbacks but hadn’t yet got round to reading it. Having moved (back) to university this week and finally finishing “Walking the Nile” by Levison Wood I decided to have a go at this book.

“A Place to Call Home” was a lovely book. It was very easy to imagine it as being a real scenario as it is based on a topic that is quite a prevalent in today’s society.

Ayesha moved to the UK from Sri Lanka many years ago in order to marry her husband in an arranged marriage. To begin with her married life was great, and together with her husband had a daughter, Sabina. But not long after everything started going wrong for Ayesha. In the middle of the night Ayesha leaves with her nine year old daughter in tow to find a new life.

Ayesha quickly meets Joy, Crystal and Hayden and slowly starts to rebuild her life but she constantly lives in fear. Will her husband come to find her?

“A Place to Call Home” was a page turner! I was a little unsure in the first chapter but  I got in to the book quickly and I absolutely loved it. I couldn’t put it down and read the whole book in just over 24h.

I adored all of the characters and even grumpy old Joy I loved by the end of the book. I really loved the relationships that Carole Matthews created between all of the main characters and loved watching the recovery of Hayden, Ayesha and Sabina.

The problem with some chick lits is that they can be predictable, and I won’t lie there were some parts of the story that I could guess but that didn’t stop me enjoying them. Despite the predictability of some of the story the end was great, if not slightly annoying where I found myself annoyed at Hayden.

All in all “A Place to Call Home” was a great book that faces what some may view as a Taboo subject. I enjoyed the whole story and would recommend it to anyone.


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