A Compromising Position

While I was on holiday in Jersey last week I stumbled across a little second hand book stall in Durrell Wildlife Park. I decided to have a quick look and I was excited to see 6 Carole Matthews books in there. At 50p a book I couldn’t really resist and bought the whole lot and have started working through them.

I’ve enjoyed reading previous Carole Matthews books such as “A Cottage by the Sea” and “The Cake Shop in the Garden” so couldn’t wait to get stuck in to these. First to be read was “A Compromising Position”. I was intrigued by the title so decided to give it a go.

Emily trusts her boyfriend… Or she did until he posted compromising photos of her online. Emily’s life quickly spirals out of control and she starts to lose everything, her boyfriend, job, house and more.

Emily turns to her friend Cara who is determined to help her get back on track, but what happens when they both fall in love… With the same man?

I loved this book. I couldn’t put it down. It was published first in 2002 so I suppose the internet and that kind of thing were still quite new and not necessarily yet common in every household. But reading it now in 2016 you know that something like this might occur more often. So it was a relatable story.

The characters were mostly likeable. Emily and Adam certainly were, but Cara confused me a bit, as did Emily’s ex-boyfriend in the sense that they seemed quite two-faced. But the plot was good and not totally predictable, and it did keep me guessing most of the time. My only real complaint was that it seemed to end quite abruptly, but otherwise it was an enjoyable read and all in all a good book.


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