The Cosy Teashop in the Castle

Going away for 2 weeks when I knew I would have a lot of reading time presented me with a bit of a dilemma… Do I take a few paperback books with me? Or do I take my kindle? I usually don’t like taking my kindle but this time it seemed the most practical solution so I quickly went on Amazon to find myself a few books.

The great thing about the summer is that Amazon have a lot of books for 99p on kindle… Including chicklits! So I went a bit crazy and bought 6 kindle books while I could get them so cheap!

First up to be read was “The Cosy Teashop in the Castle”. I’ve never come across any books by Caroline Roberts before (I think this is her debut) but this book was a recommended to me so I thought I’d give it a go. Having seen a lot of mixed reviews I was unsure how I’d get on with it, but I absolutely loved it!

Ellie lives at home with her mum, dad and younger brother in the suburbs of Newcastle. She works in the insurance sector and is getting fed up of her boring office job. When her nan dies and leaves her some money Ellie decides to apply for a Tea Room let in a castle in Northumberland. Having no “proper” experience as such running a tea room Ellie gets the job and quickly finds her feet and love… But Lord Henry (the owner of the castle) isn’t easy to please. Will Ellie be able to help save the tea room and impress Lord Henry and the other locals?

I adored this book, it was so easy to read and the characters were lovely and relatable. OK the plot was a little (but not completely) predictable but that didn’t stop me enjoying it. Lots of people have commented about the “explicit” sex scenes. They are a bit  detailed but I wasn’t too worried… Plus you could just skip over them if it bothers you. The ending was great and unexpected but I was so happy when I got to the end to see we’re getting a sequel in around a month’s time! 😀

The only real thing that niggled me was how the book seemed to imply that Byker and Heaton are a million millions away from each other in the suburbs of Newcastle! I can say having lived in Newcastle for 3 years, with a year spent in Heaton that Byker is literally a 5 minute walk away! They’re not miles away like the book suggests!

All in all this was a great book that I loved. In fact I want to go back and read it all over again. It is your classic chicklit book with plenty of drama and romance. It may be predictable at times but it is a brilliant novel which I would recommend to anyone who wants a light, easy read.



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