The Sky is Everywhere

I really hate putting books down because I always respect how much time and effort has gone in to them by authors, but I am really disappointed to say that my latest read failed to inspire/amuse me one bit.

As with “Everything, Everything” I stumbled across “The Sky is Everywhere” as it was part of Zoella’s WH Smith bookclub this summer. I thought the blurb sounded pretty good so I decided to give it a go… I am sad to say I was disappointed.

Lennie has recently lost her sister. Her older sister died suddenly leaving her, her uncle, her grandma and her sister’s boyfriend (Toby) to move on. But when Lennie returns to school she falls for new band member Joe, who also falls for her…

That’s all I can really sum this story up to be. Lennie’s sister dies, Lennie finds a new love and that’s it.

To begin with though I had no idea if Lennie was a boy or girl to start with and it took me several chapters to work this out! And then it also took an age to be told who Gram and Big were and how they were related to Lennie. I thought they were housemates to start with, not her Grandma and Uncle! It was incredibly confusing. Throw in to this a load of random letters/poems placed at the start/end of every chapter… I was very confused! And then half way through the story I realised who everyone was!

And then it’s a bit of a weird story in that Lennie suddenly seems to fall for her dead sister’s boyfriend just weeks after her sister dies (although we never hear how/why really she dies)… Very very very weird… And then she falls in love with Joe who just keeps randomly letting himself in to Lennie’s house every morning and bringing her a coffee to wake her… Just a couple of days after they’ve first met! It was very concerning really!

Towards the end the book started to get OK but to be honest I really wasn’t thrilled or impressed by this book at all! And I really wouldn’t hurry to recommend this to anyone. As I said I really hate putting books down, but sadly I just didn’t like this book at all, and found it quite weird and disturbing in many ways!


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