Everything, Everything

“Everything, Everything” first came to my attention as a book to read when I walked into WH Smith last month to see a stand with the books from “Zoella’s Book Club”. I had a flick through the titles and there were several that appealed to me. Having been given a Waterstones voucher when I left work a few weeks ago I couldn’t wait to go and spend it, and what better to spend it on than some of the Zoella Book Club books that caught my eye.

First to be read was “Everything, Everything” by Nicola Yoon. I should begin by pointing out that this book is categorised as a children’s book, I’d probably agree with this and put it in the “young adult” section.

Maddy is allergic to everything. She can’t venture outside because she is allergic to the whole world. She lives within the bubble of her clean, sterile, white house, where she is tended to by nurse Carla and her mother on a daily basis.

Then Olly moves in next door and Maddy’s whole life changes. Can she let herself love him if she can’t see him? Wrapped up in her clean, sterile bubble Maddy’s mum has other ideas and will stop a relationship forming at any cost.

I was unsure how this book was going to be. It sounded great from the blurb and I devoured the final half of the book in a couple of hours this morning, it was just a little hard to get in to. Once I was in I was totally hooked.

I liked how there were only really four characters to the story, so there was no getting confused between who was who and it allowed you to really start to feel for and understand the characters. Maddy, the main character was great, I loved her to bits. Olly, Maddy’s new neighbour was shown to be a lovely 18 year old boy, who was very caring and cautious (which made him a pleasure to read about), while Carla and Maddy’s mum were also described well. None of the characters were at all annoying, and I loved getting to know them.

The story was well written. It was written almost as a daily journal by Maddy which made it really easy to read and it was nicely broken up, which made stopping and starting the book really easy. The plot was great. OK it might seem a touch unrealistic but it was still an enjoyable read and I honestly kept guessing at what was going to happen and I really did not expect the ending!

All in all “Everything, Everything” is a great book, which lovely characters and a good, emotional plot, and I would recommend it to anyone who wants an easy read but one that still has a meaty plot to get in to.



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