A Cottage by the Sea

I’m back! Sadly my reading has been a bit slow again having been at work and then being on a kids summer camp last week, but I’m back! It is now the summer holidays and I have nearly 2 months off so plenty of time to get some reading done! 😀

Last month I was quickly running out of books to read so I decided it was time for a browse on Amazon to see what other new books I could get my hands on cheaply (either new or second hand).

Having read a couple of Carole Matthew’s books already I couldn’t resist picking up some of her books, including this one: “A Cottage by the Sea”.

Grace first met Ella and Flick over 10 years ago at University. Since then they have been great friends but life gets in the way and they don’t see each other as often as they would like. When Ella invites Grace and Flick to stay with her at her cottage in Pembrokeshire for a week they both jump at the chance.

Grace is feeling more and more distant from her husband and is hoping a week away in deepest Wales will help reconnect with him… But then Flick arrives with her new boyfriend Noah.

I was gripped by the blurb of this book and when I started reading I was totally gripped from the first page. Nothing beats a book where you get lost and just want to keep reading!

The characters are all great and totally relatable. I’d be amazed if someone read this and couldn’t relate to at least one of the characters. Carole Matthews has done a brilliant job at creating great relationships between all six of the characters and it was lovely watching the characters develop through the book. OK some parts of the book were predictable, like the storyline with Ella and that with Flick and Harry but that didn’t stop me enjoying the book and I didn’t expect all of the ending!

My favourite characters had to be Grace and Noah and I think this is what Carole Matthews wants and I love all the little adventures that they had and I couldn’t help but cheer them on in my head despite Grace being married!

All in all I loved this book and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone. If you love chicklit and romance books then this is one for you!


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