Can You Keep a Secret

I got given this book for my birthday last year and was quite excited to read it after seeing the blurb. I’ve never before read anything by Sophie Kinsella but I knew of her books, and I was looking forward to trying out a new author.

I managed to read this book in about a week so I must have enjoyed it quite a bit to get through it that quickly!

Emma is your everyday normal girl, and she like many other people carry lots of secrets. Emma is having a bad day. She’s been sent on a business trip to Glasgow which goes very badly wrong… Emma hates flying but is a little more relaxed after a kind air stewardess upgrades up to business class… Until they hit very bad turbulence. Emma is so overwhelmed by the turbulence and ends up telling the man next to her all of her secrets… Not just one or two, but all of them! But it’s ok he’s only a stranger right? But what if he wasn’t?! What if they meet again? Will he manage to keep all Emma’s secrets?

“Can You Keep a Secret” is a great book. It’s such a light read great for any time or place. I didn’t find the story that predictable which was surprising considering the type of book it was and could have been! There were actually quite a lot of unpredictable things that happened which I really liked.
I adored the characters. I loved Emma and her best friend Liss and the author did a great job to make us hate various characters almost instantly, like Emma’s cousin Kerry and her other friend Jemima. I loved the change in the middle  of the story where we see the change in relationship between Emma and her family after she blurts out her feelings about Kerry. Jack, the mystery man on the plane, is also an interesting character who you quite easily flip between loving and hating every few chapters.

All in all the book was good and I would recommend “Can You Keep a Secret” to anyone who loves a light chick lit book, whether it be what you read before bed, snuggled with at Christmas or laying by the pool.

I look forward to reading more of Sophie Kinsella’s books in the future.


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