CHERUB: New Guard

I was first introduced to the CHERUB series when I was in year 8 at school and over the years I have read all of the books, including the Henderson’s Boys series. When the “original” CHERUB series ended with “Shadow Wave” I was quite disappointed, but then Robert Muchamore followed it up with the second CHERUB series. My disappointment soon disappeared when characters from the “original” CHERUB series started appearing in the new series and some great stories were emerging.

Leon and Daniel are twins and great CHERUB agents. A careless mistake sees the twins nearly kicked out from CHERUB until mission controller James Adams comes to the rescue. James has the twins (and their elder brother) lined up for a mission that will help gain information on the IS and their activities in Syria.

After a breakthrough on the Sharma boy’s mission James Adams is given a special “off the books” mission of his own. Ryan and James must assemble a team of legendary CHERUB agents from the past and present to find some hostages in Syria and bring them safely home. Who will James pick to make up his team, and will they make it home alive?

Firstly I’ll begin by saying I can’t believe this is the last EVER CHERUB book! This makes me really sad because I’ve absolutely loved reading all of the CHERUB books :(.

New Guard is a great book that sees the characters of the second CHERUB series join up with some of the main characters from the original series, and Robert Muchamore does a great job of showing the difference. If you’ve ever wondered what happens to CHERUB recruits after they leave CHERUB then this book will give you a good insight!

I love all of the characters of both series and this book was great showing how one mission can lead in to another and how everything fits together. All the characters were great and the book showed great interactions between old and new characters.

I really love how Robert Muchamore brought James back in to the new CHERUB series as it was sad seeing him leave at the end of the original series. It is also great how we see that several old agents have “legacies” which many of the newer recruits know about.

My only issue with the book is that it felt quite short (it’s only 294 pages long) in comparison to some of the other CHERUB stories. It seemed like it should have been longer partly because the final mission only seemed to last a couple of chapters, but also because it was the last ever CHERUB book and I felt there should/could have been more to it than there was. But I suppose I can’t complain too much because it was great to see everyone back for one last time.

All in all New Guard is a great book which I would recommend to anyone and it is a fitting end to the brilliant 12 year span of the CHERUB series.


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