The Secrets of Happiness

It’s been so long since my last post! Sorry! But since then I’ve been on holiday and then back to work so although I finished this book a week or so ago I hadn’t yet got round to writing a review for it. But here it is!

I saw Lucy Diamond’s most recent novel “The Secrets of Happiness” come out back in January but I’d held off ordering it for a while firstly because it was hardback (and wouldn’t have fitted in so nicely with my other Lucy Diamond paperbacks!) and secondly because I had plenty of other books to be getting on with reading. But after finishing “A Year of Taking Chances” I decided it was time to buy “The Secrets of Happiness” and finally catch up completely with Lucy Diamond’s writing.

I enjoyed “The Secrets of Happiness”, particularly the two key characters Becca and Rachel.

Becca and Rachel are sisters, or stepsisters as they are more than happy to point out! Rachel’s dad married Becca’s mum when they were younger, and both children were struck with jealously at “losing” their parents to the other child. This led to a less than happy relationship between Becca and Rachel. Other further events occurring within their lives have pushed the two step sisters apart even further, to the point that Rachel is now rather embarrassed by her sister.

When Rachel suddenly finds herself needing help, Becca is called upon to care for her two nieces and nephew, much to her sisters concern! But Becca loves her nieces and nephew and more than steps up to being an aunt… and eventually a sister.

Will the events that bring them together under difficult circumstances be what brings them back together permanently?

I enjoyed “The Secrets of Happiness” as I took a liking to both Becca and Rachel instantly. One thing I always really like about Lucy Diamond’s books is her ability to create brilliant relationships between her characters and this book was no exception. The relationship between Becca and Rachel blossomed beautifully throughout the book.

All in all I enjoyed “The Secrets of Happiness”. I wouldn’t go so far as to say it’s my favourite Lucy Diamond book (I think “The Beach Cafe” still holds that!) but it was a good read. Plenty of characters to get stuck in to as well as a good plot with several twists that kept me turning pages.

I look forward to Lucy Diamond’s next book!


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