A Year of Taking Chances

So I’ve finished another book! YAY! 🙂

Next up was “A Year of Taking Chances” by Lucy Diamond. Another great book that I really enjoyed and had no trouble getting myself in to. In fact I read most of it while curled up in bed yesterday! 🙂

“A Year of Taking Chances” is simply about what it says. It follows 3 ladies: Gemma, Caitlin and Saffron as they meet on New Years Eve, and vow to take more chances this next year.

Caitlin is back in the village she grew up in clearing out her mum’s house after her unexpected death. Saffron, from London has had a shock which causes her to make decisions that will change her life forever. Gemma, simply a “mum” has her whole life turned upside down when her husband has an accident at work that sees him out for a long time. With bank balances running low and bills piling up Gemma has no option but to look for a job having given up work when her children were born. But will it go down well with her husband who has totally lost his pride after his accident.

“A Year of Taking Chances” was a great book with lovable characters, who meet at the start of the book and remain best friends. Lucy Diamond again succeeds at making brilliant friendships with the most lovely characters. The plot was great with good twists and turns that I honestly wasn’t expecting.

Again I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend any Lucy Diamond books to anyone, including this one. It was great and I loved it. My only complaint was how it ended! I wanted to know more about what happened to Saffron in the future not have it stop when it did! But I can hope that Lucy Diamond writes more about these lovely characters.


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