A Baby at the Beach Cafe

Having discovered Lucy Diamond in the summer and falling in love with the Beach Cafe Series (The Beach Cafe, Christmas at the Beach Cafe and Christmas Gifts at the Beach Cafe) I was really excited when I found that there was another Beach Cafe book coming out… Even if it did mean waiting a long time for it!

At the end of “Christmas Gifts at the Beach Cafe” we find out that Evie is pregnant with her’s and Ed’s first child. “A Baby at the Beach Cafe” picks up Ed and Evie’s story several months later when Evie is now heavily pregnant with her baby due any day.

Evie fails to understand that in order to look after herself and their baby she needs to start taking things easy. With Evie’s blood pressure rising and her ankles swelling Ed posts an advert in their cafe for a temporary cafe manager so that Evie can begin her maternity leave.

Helen and her husband have just moved to Cornwall from Birmingham looking for some time away from work. Helen used to run a pub and after seeing Ed’s ad at the cafe, decides to jump in and help at the Beach Cafe. But things don’t start out well as tempers between Helen and Evie fray. Can their relationship improve before the arrival of the baby?

I absolutely loved this little novella from Lucy Diamond, it was such a lovely little story to bring us up to date with some of my favourite characters. The characters were great, at first I didn’t particularly like Helen, but she grew on me once the story developed. As usual I loved Evie and Ed and it was a great little storyline. The only problem was that it was too short! Something I hate about novellas, I never want the story to end!

I remember reading somewhere that this would be the last Beach Cafe story and I’ll be really sad if this is the case! But if this is the end then this is a perfect little book for us to say goodbye to Evie, Ed and the Beach Cafe! 🙂


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